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Vegan MoFo: Week 4 – Creamy Cashew Spinach cheese rustic pizzza

Sometimes I find watching cooking shows, it seems the chef just throws things together. I figure, why can’t I do that with raw food? Here I’m using the week’s crust and cashew cheese, but I mixed in a bit of sweet basil. What a difference basil makes. I can’t say I was upset if I got some on my fingers, I was licking the spoon after I transfered the cheese out of the food processor.

cashew cilantro red pepper cheese

How creamy is this? Who can miss regular cheese when you have such a lovely cruel free substitute? Totally worth trying for yourself.

This time I broke the buckwheat groat psyllium seed husk crust by hand into a rustic rectangle and I think this gives the pizza its own character. It’s not perfectly cut, nor is it too awkward a shape.

The toppings: tomato, pineapple, red pepper and sprigs of parsley.

Can’t beat this with a side salad or veggies.


Happy eating!


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Vegan MoFo: Week 4 – Raw Pizza with Walnut meatballs

I saw a recipe for how to make walnut meatballs and I HAD to try it. Here’s the link to the recipe that I used. I omitted the green onion part, I’m not partial to them unless it’s in a specific manner, so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to not add them. Food is, after all, about your own individual taste. The meatballs turned out to be the most darling little things. I dehydrated them for a few hours to get them a bit harder and it really gave them a great mouth feel.


walnut meatballs, air eater, vegan, gluten free, raw, Lidia Le François

The crust is a combination of phyllium husk, buckwheat groats, irish moss and a few other things. You can see a previous post where I made this crust and the recipe I followed here. You can thank Hannah Mendenhall for the recipe.

The cheese is soaked cashews, with nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, kale, spinach and a tiny bit of salt. The toppings: carrots, red pepper, kale, and walnut meatballs.

phyllium buckwheat groat cashew cilantro cheese with walnut meatballs close up


phyllium buckwheat groat cashew cilantro cheese with walnut meatballs

It does taste as good as it looks. I highly suggest trying this walnut meatball recipe, it will completely surprise you and impress guests.

Happy eating!


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Vegan MoFo: Week 2 – Kale, Cucumber, Cauliflower Raw Pizza

Today’s pizza is a continuation crust of yesterday’s carrot/flax with a new spin on the cheese and topping.

1. The recipe for the crust can be found here.

Kale, Cucumber, Cauliflower, raw pizza, Lidia Le François, Air Eater

2. The cheese is still the macadamia nut (which you do not have to soak), with added kale, and red pepper.

Kale, Cucumber, Cauliflower, raw pizza, Lidia Le François, Air Eater

3. Toppings:

As you can see I went a little topping heavy with this one. I started with a base of massaged kale, then added spiralized carrots, corn, cauliflower, tiny bits of red pepper, and hollowed field cucumbers. I’m not a fan of seeds of the cucumber, and what’s the point; it will just make things soggy and rather messy.

Kale, Cucumber, Cauliflower, raw pizza, Lidia Le François, Air Eater

The cucumber was different, but provided a nice crunch and it was almost like having a rather eclectic salad wrapped in a pita.


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Vegan MoFo: Week 2 – 3 Topping Raw Deep Dish Pizza

This week I decided to try a new crust that and I was happy to find a recipe from a local raw Chef named Pedja, who is the Head Raw Chef at a very lovely grocery store (Nature’s Emporium) in a town north of Toronto called Newmarket. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this fine young man and he is quite warm, intelligent and worth a listen. I’ve written about the amazing pizza and sun burgers he’s produced for Nature’s Emporium in their raw food section, they are worth the drive. I hope he comes out with a cookbook, because I would LOVE to make the pizza he sells in the store. It’s full of flavour and impact.

Here’s the link to this recipe and the crust ingredients:

1. Crust
5 medium carrots
2  cups whole oats
1.5 cups flax seeds
2/3 cups water

Chef Pedja Raw Pizza recipe Air Eater Lidia Le François

I followed the instructions, but what I should have done was add: garlic (raw or powder), oregano, thyme, sage, marjoram, paprika, white pepper, chili and chipotle. That is what I would have done if I made this again. I would have used at least 1/2 tablespoon of each. I liked the texture, but the flavour was lacking in the dough.

This is my attempt at a ‘deep dish’ pizza, it was easy to make the indent of the crust as the dough is super easy to work with.

2. Cheese:
I am a cashew nut, but for this one I used macadamia nut (1/2 cup), a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, 2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast, 1 clove of minced garlic, 2 tbsp lemon juice.

Chef Pedja Raw Pizza recipe Air Eater Lidia Le François

3. Toppings:
I felt this was a tabouleh inspired by using parsley and red onion. I spiralized carrots because I love the colour/texture contrast. This format will satisfy the carb lover in you.

Chef Pedja Raw Pizza recipe Air Eater Lidia Le François

A simple three topping pizza that is a quick snack/meal for any occasion.

Happy eating!


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Vegan MoFo: Day 4 – Mini Raw Pizzas

I am a huge fan of mini things. I love appetizers, I love those small charms that look like miniature foods (usually found on a cell phone), little doll houses, so mini pizzas makes complete sense.

Keeping in theme with the rest of my postings, I’ll explain each part:
1. Crust – Tomato base
2. Cheese – Cashew cheese base with red pepper and spinach
3. Toppings – Red peppers, corn, baby spinach leaf with hemp hearts sprinkled.

Once you have the crust made the toppings are literally limitless. I figured that it would make sense to have the cheese reflect the toppings I had on hand. I find the best food is really what you have in your pantry/fridge. Topping a pizza is almost like creating a bento box. I can’t imagine just using one colour, it makes sense to try to represent a few colours to really make the food appealing. They saw you eat with your eyes first and I completely think that is true.


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Vegan MoFo: Day 2 Square Tomato Crust with Kale Celery Pizza

The beauty of making a lot of one crust is that you make make it into different shapes and this time I made the crust into a rectangle. I like how the edges curled providing a bit of a lip and that helped with the cashew cheese.

1. Crust – Tomato bread recipe
2. Cheese – Spinach cashew cheese
3. Toppings – Red pepper, celery, kale, red onion Continue reading


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Veg Food Fest 2012

This past weekend was the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario.  The festival is for three days: September 7th to 9th.  Admission is free and there are over 100 vendors, local Toronto restaurants, bakeries and a farmer’s market. There were  fantastic speakers, click here to see the complete list of vendors.

I had the pleasure of watching Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen fame make a beet burger and carrot bisque, here’s a little video I made sitting in the third row:

Sorry about the shakiness, I was holding the phone  and didn’t really think I was going to need a tripod that day.  Isa is so charming and funny, I really enjoyed learning from her and the sample of carrot bisque that was passed around was glorious!

I wish we had come in time to see  Dr. Michael Greger, he is incredibly entertaining and quite fun to watch. Here’s a picture of him being semi mobbed. Continue reading


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Air Eater eating vegan in Montreal

This past week was lovely. Mat and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and escaped to Montreal where we could not get enough of Crudessence. I really don’t know what I’d do if they ever come to Toronto. We basically ate our way through a few days while walking around and enjoyed the random art installations etc.

We couldn’t find a gluten free vegan poutine, but I had to give in and try a vegan poutine.

We walked around a lot even though we drove, it was a great way to see the city and I just adore the architecture, wish Toronto had more historical buildings.

I felt like a taco, and called Burritoville, asked them if they were vegan gluten free. They were incredibly nice and they did offer a corn tortilla, but they cooked it on the same grill as the flour one. Sad that Mat couldn’t eat it, he didn’t want to risk it, I don’t blame him. They are taking steps to learn more about the needs of a celiac/gluten intolerant diet. This is great, I hope so because not to rub it in, but it was delicious and for $4!

This is the inside of Crudessence. I love how clean and simple it is, this is just one of the three locations.

We ordered the raw sushi appetizer:

This is the Om Burger:
It was freaking delicious and I could eat this every day. I have to learn how to make that aioli sauce, because it was finger licking good. Mat had the tacos, which were also incredible, and the side salad consisted of: mixed greens, sprouts, shredded carrots, beets/cauliflower, coleslaw with a curry flavour and sweet coleslaw and kale.

The next day I had the “egg” wrap:

Mat had the quinoa wrap, he enjoyed it quite a bit and I believe that was the only cooked item on the menu (other than the rice wraps that hold together the wraps themselves).

The little crackers on the side were delightful and I was incredibly full with this meal, but you know, I had to try the tiramisu, I couldn’t imagine how they could have made this raw, but oh did they ever.

 I would love to go back in a minute. We really enjoyed the raw food we had and bought the Crudessence cookbook. You better believe I will be making recipes from that book and blogging about it.

Happy eating!



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Nature’s Empoirum Raw Food review

Last weekend we went to Nature’s Empoirum for a Concept Branding client meeting and while we were there we had lunch. Thankfully Nature’s Emporium has a raw vegan chef, named Pedja, who makes some truly wonderful food.

WARNING: You will eat with your eyes and thus want to buy two slices of pizza and a burger, however, you will most likely not be able to finish a pizza slice and a burger.

I highly suggest getting a pizza slice and sharing the burger. It’s seriously filling and you really will be so satisfied that for the rest of the day you’ll be full. As you can see the pizza looked amazing!

Here’s what’s in it: Continue reading



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Veggie Swiss Chard wrap with “cheese” sauce

During the summer I find I want food on the go and something light is usually best. I know my taste buds and that I heartily enjoy a good cashew cheese spread.

Cashew cheesy spread: Continue reading


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