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Aireater Contest No. 8: Cruda Cafe $20 Gift Certificate

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I had a contest, but I figured now is as good a time as any.

I’m giving away a $20 gift certificate voucher for Cruda Cafe in Toronto.

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Here are the details: Continue reading



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Aireater.com Contest No. 6!

It’s contest time again! I’m going to be giving 6 lucky people 1 jar of Marinelli’s Tomato and Basil sauce. Woo!

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How to enter: Continue reading


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Aireater: New Logo & Layout

Boy, are some of you ever vocal. Thanks for the emails! I’m glad you like the logo and layout. I can credit @amazerall with the logo; he is pretty talented, great to work with and knowledgable.

I’d love to hear any suggestions and more comments with what you’d like to see.

Email me: Lidia [@] air eater. com

Happy eating!


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Subway Sandwiches Try Gluten Free

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Surprising to read that, according to QSRWeb, “The Subway restaurant chain is currently testing two gluten-free menu items in the Dallas and Tyler, Texas markets. The trial options roll out Jan. 10.”  So what are these items? Continue reading


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Taco Time!

Who says you can’t eat like everyone else? Just take a bit of adjusting. I made tacos and loved every bite! I highly recommend making them for even your non vegan friends. I did a quick price comparison and Daiya cheese is a few dollars cheaper than regular cheese for the same size. It’s healthier and cheaper plus totally delicious.

As I am a “value” shopper I bought the store brand taco shells. After looking at the nutritional table, I noticed the store brand has less ingredients than the brand name and less sodium/calories.

Here’s the run down of ingredients:

– Taco Shells
Daiya Cheese
– Refried beans
Tofutti sour cream
– Salsa
Vegan bacon

I love how all the tacos needed was 30 seconds in the microwave to heat and melt the cheese and then I added everything. Tacos are a personal preference food for sure, you can top them with anything really and it’s nice to have a meal that’s so easy to make.

I couldn’t wait to eat it, totally delicious. Here’s a lazy man’s picture of what it looked like:  Continue reading



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Vegan Gluten Free Cheese Potato Perogies with Bacon and Sour Cream

The new year has started out pretty awesome and to keep it going I decided to make Perogies.

Here’s what I used in the dough:
El Peto Corn Free All Purpose Flour mix 1KG
– 1 cup of water
– 1/2 cup sunflower oil
– 2 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp Bob’s Red Mill Flax seed meal + 2 tbsp water (egg mixture)

– Mashed potatoes made with Hemp Bliss milk + sunflower oil
– Mozzarella Daiya cheese

Shiitake mushroom bacon (marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and baked off at 400 for 15 minutes)
Tofutti Sour Cream

I really had no idea what I was doing, but I figure, okay let’s give it a shot. I really had to mix the heck out of this dough, it took about 10 minutes just to get it to a decent consistency, but I added too much water thinking it was dry as heck and then it just was this doughy goop; I added the corn starch and began kneading again and it turned into something decent. I’m very unfamiliar with this kind of dough, so I really am not the best person to ask, but I figure I won’t get better unless I try.

If you’re going to make this, I highly suggest you go by eye and if it’s not wet enough, add more oil versus water, water doesn’t seem like a good idea. Any gluten free vegan baking experts, please feel free to jump in, I could use help.

Here’s what things looked like: Continue reading


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Tofutti + Marinelli Pasta Sauce= Rosé heaven

I have a fondness for noodles. I’m addicted to japchae, ho fun and the ever popular elbow macaroni. I blame years of Kraft Dinner for this. I’ve found a brand of gluten free pasta called Continue reading


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2011, Tofutti, El Peto & Lose it!

Oh, the excitement of the impending new year! Are you making a resolution? Perhaps a diet promise? I’ve never made resolutions, I find forced promises don’t really work, it’s more of an all year round commitment.

This year I’m going to eat less soy for sure due to @Mathieu_LF’s intolerance. My only guilty pleasure is Continue reading


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Guys, be grateful you’re not in the foodchain

Human males are the luckiest out of the animals kingdom. Never once are human males stripped from their mother early on, nor killed for being ‘useless’.

Take the male calf, from birth they are taken away from their mother, put in a pen and fattened up for veal. Imagine doing that to a human baby? Oh, baby, the other white meat – SO tasty, so tender! Ugh.


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Veal Calf: Image from Vegan Peace.com

Can you look this little guy in the eye and say dinner? Continue reading


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Vegan Shoes for Natalie Portman

Well known vegan Natalie Portman is one lucky girl.

Natalie Portman at the Oscars from JustJared.com Continue reading


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