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Toronto born, mid 30’s, worked in the marketing/packaging industry for a food company. I’ve been baking and writing for a very long time. Scary to think I’ve had more than 20 year experience. Gluten free baking still confounds me as this is new for me, but I think I’ll get there.

As if running one blog isn’t enough, I also run Vegan Bloggers Unite!, which is a collective of vegan bloggers from around the world featured in one location.

My recipes have been featured on: Happy Herbivore, Bob’s Red Mill, and the Blytheraw Ustream show. I was a paid blogger to introduce Gluten Free Chex to Canada with featured recipe, View the Vibe’s Featured Foodie, and more to come I’m sure.

I am always curious about trying new products. I do reserve the right to an honest review and turn down items that do not meet my mandate (vegan/gluten free).

I am a cat mom to two lovely cat beasts and one Foxhound Mix!



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