Product Review: Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap

Who doesn’t love soap? I’ve bought many varieties of soap and I delight in feeling that tiny girly feeling for all of two minutes. Of all the soaps I’ve tried I must say the Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap has the most fragrant smell. It really does smell like walking into a field full of lilac trees. The soap is expensive, around $5/bar, but dang, it’s rather large for natural soap at 6oz (177ml).   Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap The texture is only speckled on one side. I wonder why they didn’t do the whole bar, but perhaps it’s about aesthetics? Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap If this is how the French live, I think we should consider moving there, and creating a vegan commune.  Either way, I completely am in love with this soap and I’d highly suggest it if you’re feeling rather lavish and wish to transport yourself mentally to a far away land called France.

If you’re over a certain age, you’re going to remember this commercial for Calgon, some days I wonder about the logistics of sitting in a bath tub all day. I mean really, who could do that for so long, but it always looks so luxurious, right?


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