Whimzees Vegan Gluten Free Dog Treats

If you’ve been in a Pet Valu you’ll notice there’s a display of Whimzees treats by the register. What are these dog treats?

Apparently they are vegan and gluten free. Now, upon reading the ingredients I did notice there was malt extract, so I did the logical thing and contacted Whimzees.

Here’s what they said:

Dear Lidia,
The malt comes from a vegetable source, but it is not corn or barley. Be assured, the malt we use are certified free of gluten.

Kind regards,

Lion Houkes

Marketing Manager
Paragon Pet Products Europe B.V.
P.O. Box 229
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 598 319574
Fax: +31 598 319599
Mob: +31 6 310 26206
Email: info@whimzees.com
Website: www.paragonproducts.nl
So what are these things made of? Rather simple ingredients really. Mardi really enjoys them, we use the stick ones, medium size for her.



Screenshot 2014-06-15 22.05.33


Screenshot 2014-06-15 22.04.58

Screenshot 2014-06-15 22.04.46

all whimzees treats

We’re so glad to have found an actual vegan gluten free treat that doesn’t require shipping and can be purchased at a local store. If you’ve come across a vegan gluten free dog treat I’d love to hear about it.

One thing I must say is please do NOT feed your dog anything from China. There have been too many recalls and the results of these treats are deadly. Up until two weeks ago we had been using VitaLife sweet potato treats. These treats were causing Mardi to be lethargic, slow, and not interested in very much. This is the opposite of our lively happy dog. Mat’s parent’s dog apparently had very poor kidney health as a result of these treats. If you have them STOP immediately.

Always, always, always check if your treats have been recalled. For some stupid reason these are still being sold in stores. Hope this doesn’t affect your sweet pet.


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