Vegan Gluten Free Pesto Pizza

I have fallen in love with pesto on my pizza. I’m sure it’s easy to make, but I honestly just had such a craving that while I was at a local health store I picked some up. I found this pesto made by a local company called Sunflower Kitchen. SF makes their products in  my home part of town, Scarborough, Ontario and that makes me rather happy.

If you go on their website you’ll see their goal:

Our Goal

Inspired by the earth’s bounty, Sunflower Kitchen is a family own business, a vegan, environmentally friendly company, committed to fulfill the promise of creating delicious, fresh, wholesome, ready to eat dishes that you deserve.

Doesn’t that get you in the feels? I can’t remember how much it was, perhaps $4 or $5 and frankly, it’s cheaper to buy than to get the organic ingredients and put them together. Last time I checked Whole Paycheck sells organic kale for $3.99 alone (if you’re lucky).

I’m happy to know that I can trust their products to be vegan and gluten free. I always recommend reading the label on EVERY single product you buy, but it’s nice to know there are companies devoted to this.

Kale and oregano pesto

pesto pizza


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.23.14 PM


The pizza was a case of the lazies, but it was so satisfying. Aidan’s sells these as pitas, but I use them as pizza shells.

What’s on this bad boy:
– Tomato pasted mixed with minced garlic
– Daiya cheddar slices (the better to cover with my dear)
– Sunflower Kitchen Kale and Oregano Pesto
– sliced tomatoes
– sliced portobello mushrooms

Baked at 400F for 15 – 20 minutes and there you have it.

pesto pizza

Happy eating!


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