PIE! Vegan Gluten Free Apple Pie

I decided I was going to complete a childhood baking dream and make pie. We all have childhood baking dreams, right, right?! Well anyway, I had a hankering for pie and damn it if I was going to find a store that would sell a vegan gluten free version. I looked through my browser history, but I couldn’t find the recipe I used to make the pie. I wish I had held onto it, but ah well, that just means there will be others I will try instead I suppose.

I wish I hadn’t made too apple filling as to split the pie in half, when I should have used the crust I made to make a bottom for just one pie instead of top for two. Lesson learnt kids – just make one pie.

Either way – here’s me fulfilling a dream!




4-IMG_20131225_151247Ta da!

Happy eating!


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