If you were wondering, even if you weren’t, here you go

I have been slowing down my Air Eater activity as I have been focusing my efforts on a) my second house move within a year and b) I’m writing a novel.

The first is terribly disruptive. Imagine moving two hours away, with all your belongings, plus two meowing cats who won’t shut up, unpacking and trying to live. Then months later doing the same thing now with dog in tow, who thankfully is a dream in the car, but the cats still won’t shut up. Not really an ideal way to be, but it had to be done. The worst part is we’re definitely going to move again when the year is up here as well. We just cannot find what we need for everyone. We base where we are going to live on the animal’s needs. Needs large windows for the cats, close to a good dog park for Mardi and reasonable distance to a good Thai place for us. Then the stupidness of calling companies to change an address. You don’t realize how many people have your address until you move. Rather frustrating really and it demands a lot of time to set things back to how they were.

As for the novel, it has been a wonderful time, I truly have enjoyed the process. I am in the middle of my first round of edits and I feel I am being driven crazy with character plot twists and ideas coming to me at the most random of times. No one wants to be in a grocery store and then shout out, “Of course, I’ll just have to kill him, that will solve everything.” Yeah, sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

Life takes you in so many directions and you only have so much time. I have been dreaming of this for a long time and I know if I don’t do it now I never will. This isn’t a goodbye, this is just a friendly FYI. I’ll post when I make something worthwhile, since I do tend to fail a lot with gluten free baking, sigh.

I’m also going to have to let Vegan Bloggers Unite! hold on and only publish articles from those who pursue me. I just don’t have the time to go chasing for articles.

Thank you friends for the lovely support and INCREDIBLE emails. I have snorted laughing so hard from the things people say. I appreciate your efforts to communicate like you have no idea.

Talk to you soon,




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2 Responses to If you were wondering, even if you weren’t, here you go

  1. I do love the image of you shouting something out in the middle of a store :-). Actually, what freedom that would be! I had no idea you were writing a novel and I think it is FANTASTIC that you are! Yay! Especially in the midst of so many upheavals. It has probably helped you to stay sane (while at the same time driving you nuts). xoxo hang in there

  2. A novel, that’s wonderful! Best wishes with all your big life changes! Do keep us posted when there’s more to know about your book!

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