Easy Vegan Gluten Free Pizza Crust recipe

Who says you can’t have vegan gluten free pizza? It’s totally possible, just need to figure out a recipe that works and I believe I’ve managed to do so. Now, in Ontario, we have a store called Metro and they have their own brand of gluten free flour under the Irresistible brand.

1-Metro gluten free flour

2-back gluten free flour

As you can see in the bottom part of the picture, Yoshi is never far from me in the kitchen, honestly this cat is always my little orange shadow. I love him so much.

5-Yoshi kitchen helper

Anyway back to the flour. As you can see from the ingredients, there is already xanthan gum already added, which made this a heck of a lot easier.

I added 3 tbsp of Italian seasoning, 1tbsp of black pepper and 1 tsp of salt. I tried to follow the instructions on the back of the package for the pizza, I added the 2/3 cups of soy milk, this was a bad idea. I already had too much liquid since I had added extra ground flax seed, which turned out to be too much. I added about 1/2 cup of flax seed with equal amount of water and that was my mistake.

So here is where the correcting begins. Then I added about 3 tbsp of corn starch, still wet, then I added 2 tbsp of rice flour, still wet. I’m not sure what to do, then I figure, okay, add in the actual flour mix and that worked! I added about 1/2 cup of the flour and was able to make it stable to the ball of dough you see below.


2-spread dough

I put down a piece of parchment paper, then flour, and tried to make a circle shape. I flattened the dough with my hands and I tried to make it as thin as possible. I really enjoy a crispy flat crust. I suppose you can use a rolling pin just as fine.

- Tomato paste
- Daiya cheddar
- Pineapple
- Sautéed mushrooms
- Green peppers





I baked it for 20 minutes at 450F due to the crust being so thin. Be mindful of your oven and make sure you check in at the 10 minute mark just to be sure. What you should be looking for is the bottom of the crust to not be ‘wet’, it should be light coloured and should feel crispy.

There you have it – simple as heck and tasty!

Happy eating!


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