Veganism to me

Today I spoke with a vegetarian friend who made the connection and is interested in becoming vegan. Hurray! I didn’t push her, I just said I know a lot of recipes and yeah, eggs are pretty gross when you think about it, I mean who wants to eat the period of another animal? When you think about it in the bigger picture it is pretty sad that man has become a horrible creature to others. Who else enslaves animals and makes their life hell? Who creates torture devices to get at ‘bear bile’, or factory farms other living beings just because they’re so damn tasty? You know what’s tasty? Spices and herbs.

If you actually ate raw meat, like a real carnivore, you wouldn’t need to cook it, spice it up. If humans were actual carnivores they’d eat it raw like the tigers and lions do. Instead, we pay other people to do that. We pay people to cut off beaks of chickens, shove them in crates smaller than a square foot and give them steroids that make them grow faster, then when they can’t walk round them up, dip them in hot water – can’t have those feathers in our meal, run their necks over a blade and hang them up to bleed out. Then, after all that horror, grind them up or cut them in pieces for humane consumption. That’s the glory the girls get after being spent from hatching. The boys get ground up alive.

GROUND UP ALIVE. Let that sink in for a minute.

Chicken, pigs, cows, fish, anything man can think of to eat is tortured, raped, and made to suffer for a ‘tasty’ meal.

I’m not going to include pictures in this post because it would offend some people. I find the whole meat/dairy industry offensive, but I can’t turn a blind eye. I won’t and I will always be an angry vegan trying to live happy knowing I’m doing my part. I can sleep semi easy at night.

I worry for the animals in a cage, on a metal grate that their feet are mangled, for the baby cows separated from their mothers crying in the night, for the baby pigs who are castrated by hand, for the birds stomped on and left to die. I can only do my part and hope that I influence others to stop – think – and react.

Eating a certain way because of culture, because of tradition, or anything else you can call it is a death sentence. The world has changed, it can only sustain so many people and creating an environmental hazard through all this factory farming to satisfy a stomach that keeps growing is ludicrous.

I hope people read this and think. Look into the eyes of an animal and for once stop thinking about yourself. Stop thinking how tasty you think that creature is and try to step outside that and feel something.



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  1. Sandy

    People only find it offensive because it’s true.

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