Quinoa Pizza Crust + Almond Cheese

I found this amazing recipe from Rachel over at Almonds and Avocados for Gluten free quinoa pizza crust. Seriously – this was very, very good and much healthier than using gluten free flour. For the cheese I used Annie at An Unrefined Vegan‘s recipe for Smokey Pesto Cashew Cheese. I actually made three different cheeses using this recipe: cashew, almond and sunflower seed. I hate to admit that the cheeses didn’t last long enough for me to take photos of. Ahem.

1-quinoa flat bread

4-quinoa pizza with almond cheese

3-almond cheeseThe above cheese is simply the bottom cheese flipped upside down, in case you are curious how the heck I was able to make that shape. I thought it would photograph well and look rather neat.

2-almond cheese upsideI love having such a plethora of recipes available and it’s so much fun to do a recipe you know has been tested. I do like making my own up, but it’s nice to let other people drive for a while too.

Happy eating!


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  1. Sunflower seed cheese, too!! I need to try that – and crust, which sounds delicious.

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