Air Eater Hiatus

Sometimes you have to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Right now Mat and I are focusing on the Vegan Bloggers Unite! ConFest (happening hopefully in Oct. 12-13, 2013) and I have to put Air Eater aside to make that happen. In between Air Eater, running VBU!, Concept Branding (Toronto’s only vegan social media company), a day job and I’m currently working on a novel –  I realize that I am being pulled in too many directions. I will still continue to keep VBU! running, but my beloved Air Eater will have to hold on until I am able to devote more time.

I do not want to abandon my blog, so this is a time out to focus on the ConFest. Now why am I calling it a ConFest and not a conference? One half of the venue we pick will be the conference part for vegan bloggers (speakers/workshops/product demos) and the other half will be a festival with vendors for anyone welcome to enjoy.

With that in mind – thank you everyone for being so supportive. I love the very kind emails I receive asking about ingredients or my experience with certain products. Thank you for thinking of me!

A big hug goes out to all of you and I hope you’re able to attend the VBU! ConFest in Toronto 2013!


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