Vegan MoFo 2012!! Raw Pizza Theme: Day 1

It’s here, it’s here, the month of vegan food blogging. Isn’t that every day you ask? Yes and no. Some blogs, like Air Eater aren’t strict food blogs and host give aways or product reviews. Vegan MoFo is all food all the time. I can’t wait to see the lovely photographs of people who take better pictures than me. Seriously! I just about die when I see how well the shots are taken and the food is presented. So pretty!

Last year I tried to do an all Bento Japanese theme. This year I am doing raw pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? So many ways to make it, so many toppings, just delicious all around.

Here’s my first post. What I did was make the same crust three different ways, so I’ll be blogging about each pizza per day.

The components are as follows:

1. Crust
2. Cheese
3. Toppings

1. Crust
I used a tomato bread recipe I adapted from the fantastic Gena of Choosing Raw. Here’s the link from the original time I made the bread. I tend to add a lot of Italian Seasonings, plus dehydrated onion, sometimes a touch of agave; depends on my mood. I like my bread a bit thicker than a cracker, I find this recipe is incredibly tasty and packs a punch.

Day 1 Vegan MoFo raw pizza, Lidia Le François, vegan, raw, gluten free

Day 1 Vegan MoFo raw pizza, Lidia Le François, vegan, raw, gluten free

As you can see the crust darkened and I chose to flip it so the bottom was the face because I liked how the edges curved and formed a little cusp to keep the cheese in.


2. Cheese

I kept the cheese simple:

1/4 cup of soaked cashews
3 tbsp Nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp salt (adjust to taste)
1/2 lemon

Day 1 Vegan MoFo raw pizza, Lidia Le François, vegan, raw, gluten free

3. Toppings:
1/2 cup sun dried tomato
1 medium carrot grated
Dehydrated zucchini chips
Massaged kale
Sliced red pepper

I thought by some miracle that blending sun dried tomatos and carrots would make a paste. No, it just makes some kind of mush that isn’t bad at all, but not what I expected. I figured for my first post I’d do something traditional and go from there. One pizza down, just another 14 to go. I intend on doing Wordless Wednesdays and posting videos of raw pizza recipes for Fridays.

Hope your Vegan MoFo is going well so far and thanks for dropping by! If you make the pizza, let me know, I’m always curious how people make out with it.

Happy eating!





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13 Responses to Vegan MoFo 2012!! Raw Pizza Theme: Day 1

  1. oooh. I don’t have a dehydrater but I really dig raw food. Great leadoff for MoFo. Hmmm wonder why I didn’t happen upon your blog last year.
    Look forward to see what other raw pizzas you come up with.

  2. I really need to get a dehydrater as well. It will definitely help with me experimenting more with raw food recipes. Great job @aireater, I hope to try this soon.

    • aireater

      Thank you Joshua! Let me know when you get a dehydrator, I’m more than happy to talk about the ins and outs of raw foods. :)

  3. Lovely! I’m so excited to see all of these raw pizzas!

    Hooray Vegan MoFo! (I’m a little over-excited)

  4. This looks delicious! I want to try that ‘cheese’ recipe now – I have yet to find one that I’ve fallen in love with.

    <3 Melissa

    • aireater

      Hello Melissa! Thank you for the kind words. I hope you like the cheese. I will have different recipes throughout the month. Let me know how it works out for you. 😉

  5. Looks great! I bet the tomato crust would go well with any raw pizza!

  6. Neat! I’m so excited to see all these raw pizzas. The raw thing is a whole new world to me, and it’s getting interesting. :)

    • aireater

      Hi Esther! Thank you. Once you have a dehydrator, all of a sudden you want to make some crazy things. Pizza is the one thing I swear I can eat forever. At least when it’s raw it’s healthier.

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