Vegan Gluten Free “Marshmallow” Mint Chocolate Rice Treat

Between making raw pizzas and running VBU!, I’ve been trying to think of posts for this blog and it occured to me that I hadn’t made use of the Mint Chocolate ‘marshmallows’ I bought at the Toronto Veg Fest. This lovely treat from Apiecalypse Now! has been sitting lonely in the fridge waiting to be used. A line from her site describing the marshmallows: “These are the now infamous vegan marshmallows! No corn syrup, all organic, hand made in small batches, flavoured using natural and creative flavours.”

Apiecalypse Now Vegan Organic marshmallows Mint chocolate swirl

On a whim I put about 1 tablespoon of Soy Free Earth Balance in a pan and then melted the Mint Chocolate chip marshmallows and added chocolate gluten free rice crisp cereal. It was a gooey mess and I tried to smooth everything into a flat glass dish, but that didn’t really take shape, so what’s a girl to do but make a giant treat ball.

I kept the treat over night to harden and this is what happened: 

vegan, gluten free, air eater, Lidia Le François,

vegan, gluten free, air eater, Lidia Le François,

Needless to say this is a treat worth making. I would suggest you order the marshmallows from Jenny, she’s an awesome baker and incredibly good hearted as she also is a huge part of a few animal activist groups: Open Cages Tour, Toronto Aquarium Resistance,  Marineland Animal Defence.  Have to love vegan activists.

Let me know if you make something like this – it also would work very well with popcorn if you have that on hand.


Happy eating!


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  1. Vegan marshmallows!!!! I need to get my hands on these!! I didn’t even know that was possible!! You really can’t beat the comfort of a rice crispy treat. These look incredible!!

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