Shiva’s Delight Beauty Product Review: Soap, Acne Serum and Lip Balm

Like most women I’ve tried my share of health and beauty products. I used to have three shampoos open at once with multiple face washes on my bathroom sink counter. Getting older I find I am more selective and really take the time to refine my tastes. Things really change from 18 to 33 and I’m actually glad. One thing I have been looking for is a satisfying soap. I currently use olive oil based soaps, but they don’t give me the satisfaction I hope for. Like the dork I am, I took Latin in high school, I learnt about the ancient Roman ladies bathing themselves in olive oil and I wondered why my soap wasn’t delivering, something was missing.

This week my question was answered – Shiva’s Delight. The lovely Casey was kind enough to send me her hand made goodies.  When I asked her about her products she said, “I take great care when I design my recipes and I try to make them very different than what is already out there.  I also spare no expense with ingredients and I use very rich nourishing oils.  I find to many companies opt for cheaper base oils that do not do much other than create “filler'” for their product! I research each oil and how it will benefit the skin and the other ingredients in the product!” That kind of craftsmanship is lacking in today’s market and I really appreciate and notice the difference. For what the products are made of, the pricing is incredibly reasonable and everything is made in Ontario! I would have assumed these kind of specialty items would come from somewhere else, but no, locally hand made in Kingston Ontario.

I have to admit, I did squeal when I opened the box. Here are the lovely items she sent:

Shiva's Delight Lemon Poppy soap

Shiva's Delight Lemon Poppy soap

The Lemon Poppyseed soap is an excellent exfoliate! Do make sure that you don’t press too hard or you will scrape your skin a the poppy seeds are hard. The soap smells divine and I really love the combination, like a muffin, but in soap form.

Shiva's Delight Moor Mud Facial Cleansing Bar

Shiva's Delight Moor Mud Facial Cleansing Bar

Remember this soap because it will become your favourite. Moor Mud Facial Cleansing Bar made me feel like a Roman goddess, it was smooth and went on like silk. I don’t even form a thick lather, I just wet the bar with my hands and gently apply the soap to my face, it’s like receiving a facial at a spa, heavenly! I do not want to use anything else on my face. Just a delight, I know I have found the product I will be ordering for years to come. Who knew, this little square would be so soft on the skin. I imagine my technique will make the soap last longer, I’ll have to track when I finish it and report back. Ladies, for your skin sake, I do highly suggest you try this bar, you can thank me later.

Shiva's Delight Acne Facial Serum

Shiva's Delight Acne Facial Serum

Even in my 30’s I am still prone to acne and I have been using SD’s Acne Facial Serum, I have noticed an increase in softness of my skin, also a few minor white heads have disappeared – mini victory!

Shiva's Delight Vegan Cinnamon Lip Balm

If you are a cinnamon lover you will just about fall over when you smell this Cinnamon Lip Balm, it’s rich and goes on light. I noticed a slight colour tinge,  but not like a lip tint. Cinnamon helps reduce cravings, so you know I will be applying this on my lips when doing a juice fast. Why not use every tool during that kind of cleanse, it’s all a mental game and most likely I’ll reach for this Lip Balm versus breaking the fast.

All the products are made in a  small quality controlled batches to ensure freshness. Shiva’s Delight uses natural plant based ingredients, clays, flowers, essential oils, carrier oils and extracts.

Shiva’s Delight products do not contain parabens, synthetic colours, sls’s,  fake fragrance, petrochemicals, preseravites or any harsh chemical addatives. They truly are 100% natural, safe and healthy.

Where can you find these items? Click HERE to find a list of stores carrying Shiva’s Delight.  Be sure to drop by Shiva’s Delight on Facebook and say hello.

Online shopping will be coming very soon.  To place an order or to request a product list please email Casey at  Payments can be made safely through paypal. I know what I will be ordering for Christmas!




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4 Responses to Shiva’s Delight Beauty Product Review: Soap, Acne Serum and Lip Balm

  1. Casey from Shiva’s Delight here! If you would like a current product and price list please email me at I can send you a safe and secure paypal invoice and right now till the end of September all order of $100 or more will get free shipping~

    Thank you for writing this incredible blog about my products! I am very very excited and can’t wait to send more goodies for you to try out :)

    Much gratitude!


  2. Diane

    I can’t get enough of “Shiva’s Delight” products!!!!

  3. Kim Trode

    Dear Casey
    I have used your soaps exclusively for a couple of years now and have given them as gifts. I have usually used the lemon poppy seed soap but at my last purchase I decided to think outside the (soap) box and purchase the rosemary exfoliating soap, my new favourite. In this age of overseas fabrication where ingredients have been found to be toxic (especially soaps and body products), this is such a wonderful treat to myself and my loved ones. I am an exclusive Shiva’s soap fan. I feel great using your beautifully crafted products. You are a genius soap crafter.

  4. faye

    going to try this product the bug deterrant

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