Bunner’s Hostess Cupcake

Yes, it tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to be. Bunner’s has created their own gluten free vegan version of the iconic Hostess Cupcake. I am incredibly impressed with their newest creation. I ordered three and an hour later I wish I had bought more. I’m constantly impressed with how Bunner’s is able to make gluten free vegan baked goods that don’t have a strange aftertaste, or are dry as a brick. Quite the opposite, Bunner’s items are soft, chewy and not overly sweet.

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Run, don’t walk and call ahead to make sure they have enough for you. I have a feeling these are going to be flying off the shelf. Thank you Bunner’s!

Happy eating!



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  1. so fun! thanks for sharing–I wish something like bunner’s existed where I live.

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