Veg Food Fest 2012

This past weekend was the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario.  The festival is for three days: September 7th to 9th.  Admission is free and there are over 100 vendors, local Toronto restaurants, bakeries and a farmer’s market. There were  fantastic speakers, click here to see the complete list of vendors.

I had the pleasure of watching Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen fame make a beet burger and carrot bisque, here’s a little video I made sitting in the third row:

Sorry about the shakiness, I was holding the phone  and didn’t really think I was going to need a tripod that day.  Isa is so charming and funny, I really enjoyed learning from her and the sample of carrot bisque that was passed around was glorious!

I wish we had come in time to see  Dr. Michael Greger, he is incredibly entertaining and quite fun to watch. Here’s a picture of him being semi mobbed.

If you haven’t watched his videos, I highly recommend them:


As we walked around I tried to snap as many pictures as possible:

The lovely ladies of Rawfoodz were so energetic, that’s what you get when you’re on a raw food diet. I’ve tried a few of their dressings and I have to agree they are incredibly good.

Of course local lovely lady Ella had a booth and we heard she managed to almost sell out! Great to hear she was able to sell so much.

Bunner’s holds a very dear place in my heart, the first vegan gluten free bakery in Toronto and they make the most amazing pockets (curry/pizza). I was sad on Sunday they didn’t have the pockets, but hey, that’s what happens when you’re popular, it’s hard to replenish and there are only so many hours in the day when baking for such a large event.

Earth Island had a reduced fat Vegenaise. Click here for the nutritional value info.

This is the Daiya booth and I had a chance to try the Jalapeno Garlic Havarti Style Wedge wedges, OH MY, they were amazing; shut the front door amazing. Click here for the nutritional value.

We went to Live’s booth and they had quite a few products, crackers and raw sundae treats.

Had to get the $5 raw taco! Nothing but fresh ingredients – so tasty!

Found out about The Simply Bar, they’re from Toronto and I never noticed them in the stores. I was really impressed with the breadth of product offerings, so many different flavours. All of the bars are vegan, gluten free and full of protein.

 Interesting to see the comparison between the leading bars and The Simply Bar. We bought a few and I’ll be reviewing them shortly. They also have two new Simply Protein chips. They’re not baked, not fried, but extruded somehow. I have misplaced the info card they gave me which explains things, but I recall being impressed. They are light and have a very pleasant taste. I would be very interested in finding these on shelf.

Click here for chip nutritional value information.

Last, but not least, Nud Fud, they have a new Coconut water powder. Sounds pretty cool seeing as it’s difficult to find coconuts on hand all season, plus less pesky than going through the whole cracking it open process.

There you have it, as many photos as I could remember to take. If you’re ever at the festival, tweet at me, I’m more than happy to meet a fellow Air Eater.

Happy eating!


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  1. Great review of Toronto’s Veg Fair! It was such a beautiful weekend with good energy with a very positive crowd. I especially loved Simply’s new Protein Chips!

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