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Vegan Gluten Free “Marshmallow” Mint Chocolate Rice Treat

Between making raw pizzas and running VBU!, I’ve been trying to think of posts for this blog and it occured to me that I hadn’t made use of the Mint Chocolate ‘marshmallows’ I bought at the Toronto Veg Fest. This lovely treat from Apiecalypse Now! has been sitting lonely in the fridge waiting to be used. A line from her site describing the marshmallows: “These are the now infamous vegan marshmallows! No corn syrup, all organic, hand made in small batches, flavoured using natural and creative flavours.”

Apiecalypse Now Vegan Organic marshmallows Mint chocolate swirl

On a whim I put about 1 tablespoon of Soy Free Earth Balance in a pan and then melted the Mint Chocolate chip marshmallows and added chocolate gluten free rice crisp cereal. It was a gooey mess and I tried to smooth everything into a flat glass dish, but that didn’t really take shape, so what’s a girl to do but make a giant treat ball.

I kept the treat over night to harden and this is what happened:  Continue reading


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Easy Vegan Gluten Free Meal Ideas

A friend on twitter recently introduced us to another vegan who is now gluten free and unsure of food ideas. I thought what a great way to do a round up of past recipes that are economic, easy and tasty! All of these recipes can be doubled and kept in the fridge if you’re looking to stretch your budget.

1. Sloppy Joe’s, vegan, gluten free, sloppy joe's

It is as good as it looks. A slow cooked meal that sticks to your bones and lasts for a while. It’s great as is, with rice, in a sandwich, so many ways to eat this dish.

2. Lasagne

vegan, gluten free, lasagne, Lidia Le François

Nothing like having a comfort food that’s ooey, gooey and delicious.

3.  Mock Tuna

I find a lot of mock recipes require the fake mayo, but I find it’s just ad added cost. If you want to, you can, but it’s not necessary with this recipe.

4. Vegan Nacho Indian Inspired Mashup

Lidia Le François, aireater, vegan, glutenfree

I love different spices and combining different foods from all around the world. Sometimes it results in a tasty mash up that’s too good to pass up.

5. Pinto Bean Burger

Burgers are a good food all season long. During the summer it’s a natural fit and in the winter it will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Well, at least bring back fond memories of warmer weather and fun times.

6. Risotto

I would very much like to make risotto for Chef Ramsay and show him how fantastic a vegan gluten free version can be. This recipe is good the next day, that is, if there is any left over.

7. Polenta Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe is dead easy and such a good comfort food. It’s great for pleasing people of all tastes. The crust alone is satisfying when digging in to serve a table of hungry guests.

8. BBQ Marinated Tempeh with Crunch

Talk about crunch. With this recipe I wanted something to replace breadcrumbs and found that hemp hearts were just the ticket.

9. Quinoa and Cashew Sauce Salad

This recipe I made from the site: Our Daily Salt. It was lovely and a great way to get in a vegan source of protein.

10. Sangria

Lidia Le François, Sangria

Being vegan and gluten free doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy wine like everyone else. I think a little Sangria now and then is appropriate and well deserved. Whether it’s summer or winter I love making and having this drink on hand for an enjoyable evening.

There you have it 10 recipes that prove being vegan and gluten free isn’t a death sentence. You can eat just like you did before, with a little variation and a preparation, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Happy eating!


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Gluten Free Expo 2012!

I’ve been invited to promote Air Eater at the Gluten Free Expo in Toronto. I’m super excited, what a great event

Gluten Free Expo – TORONTO
September 30, 2012
10am – 5pm
655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON (DoubleTree by Hilton)
Tickets are $12 at the door or save money by purchasing online for $9 each.

Buy tickets here!

Hope to see you there!


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October is coming ie, VEGAN MOFO!

So excited for Vegan Mofo 2012! I feel like I should be using my announcer voice. Cannot wait for all the fun blogs and people going for gold with fancy themes and super looking food. I’ve already made six raw pizzas in three days to get ready for it. I think this weekend I’ll write up my posts. I know half the fun of doing Vegan Mofo is the daily blogging, but doing a raw pizza theme isn’t really possible to create in a day. Also, I really will have zero time in between organizing the VBU! Conference plus a few other life things that are happening in October. It’s amazing how much time a blog can take up, but it’s a labour of love and frankly it feels like my digital recipe box. I often look up older recipes just to recall how I made things. It’s been two years of blogging and I’ve made my fair share of disasters, everyone learns in the beginning and I’ve made a few winners. I try to focus on those most, no point beating myself up because something turned out hideous and I blogged about it anyway. Ah well.

So, aside from doing Air Eater posts, I will also be full tilt into posting for Veagn Bloggers Unite! and I hope Vegan Mofo brings out the sharing mood with everyone and the posts will be coming in so fast I won’t be able to keep up. Well, I hope I can, but you get the picture.

Winter is coming, but before that we feast our eyes on the cornucopia of vegan food.

Have you signed up? Have you contributed to VBU!? Let me know!


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Shiva’s Delight Beauty Product Review: Soap, Acne Serum and Lip Balm

Like most women I’ve tried my share of health and beauty products. I used to have three shampoos open at once with multiple face washes on my bathroom sink counter. Getting older I find I am more selective and really take the time to refine my tastes. Things really change from 18 to 33 and I’m actually glad. One thing I have been looking for is a satisfying soap. I currently use olive oil based soaps, but they don’t give me the satisfaction I hope for. Like the dork I am, I took Latin in high school, I learnt about the ancient Roman ladies bathing themselves in olive oil and I wondered why my soap wasn’t delivering, something was missing.

This week my question was answered – Shiva’s Delight. The lovely Casey was kind enough to send me her hand made goodies.  When I asked her about her products she said, “I take great care when I design my recipes and I try to make them very different than what is already out there.  I also spare no expense with ingredients and I use very rich nourishing oils.  I find to many companies opt for cheaper base oils that do not do much other than create “filler'” for their product! I research each oil and how it will benefit the skin and the other ingredients in the product!” That kind of craftsmanship is lacking in today’s market and I really appreciate and notice the difference. For what the products are made of, the pricing is incredibly reasonable and everything is made in Ontario! I would have assumed these kind of specialty items would come from somewhere else, but no, locally hand made in Kingston Ontario.

I have to admit, I did squeal when I opened the box. Here are the lovely items she sent:

Shiva's Delight Lemon Poppy soap

Shiva's Delight Lemon Poppy soap

The Lemon Poppyseed soap is an excellent exfoliate! Do make sure that you don’t press too hard or you will scrape your skin a the poppy seeds are hard. The soap smells divine and I really love the combination, like a muffin, but in soap form.

Shiva's Delight Moor Mud Facial Cleansing Bar Continue reading



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Bunner’s Hostess Cupcake

Yes, it tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to be. Bunner’s has created their own gluten free vegan version of the iconic Hostess Cupcake. I am incredibly impressed with their newest creation. I ordered three and an hour later I wish I had bought more. I’m constantly impressed with how Bunner’s is able to make gluten free vegan baked goods that don’t have a strange aftertaste, or are dry as a brick. Quite the opposite, Bunner’s items are soft, chewy and not overly sweet.

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Bunner's version Hostess Cupcake

Run, don’t walk and call ahead to make sure they have enough for you. I have a feeling these are going to be flying off the shelf. Thank you Bunner’s!

Happy eating!



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Blythe Raw Vegan Show on Hulu

I love the idea of a raw vegan show, my friend Blythe has been doing this on the internet through Ustream and now she has a Hulu channel. I wish I could show you clips, but being Canadian, I don’t get Hulu.

I tried to take a bigger screen shot, but for some reason the image came out so tiny this is the best I can do. Hope you all tune into her show and check out her fantastic recipes and health tips.

Happy Friday everyone!


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Veg Food Fest 2012

This past weekend was the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario.  The festival is for three days: September 7th to 9th.  Admission is free and there are over 100 vendors, local Toronto restaurants, bakeries and a farmer’s market. There were  fantastic speakers, click here to see the complete list of vendors.

I had the pleasure of watching Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen fame make a beet burger and carrot bisque, here’s a little video I made sitting in the third row:

Sorry about the shakiness, I was holding the phone  and didn’t really think I was going to need a tripod that day.  Isa is so charming and funny, I really enjoyed learning from her and the sample of carrot bisque that was passed around was glorious!

I wish we had come in time to see  Dr. Michael Greger, he is incredibly entertaining and quite fun to watch. Here’s a picture of him being semi mobbed. Continue reading


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Air Eater eating vegan in Montreal

This past week was lovely. Mat and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and escaped to Montreal where we could not get enough of Crudessence. I really don’t know what I’d do if they ever come to Toronto. We basically ate our way through a few days while walking around and enjoyed the random art installations etc.

We couldn’t find a gluten free vegan poutine, but I had to give in and try a vegan poutine.

We walked around a lot even though we drove, it was a great way to see the city and I just adore the architecture, wish Toronto had more historical buildings.

I felt like a taco, and called Burritoville, asked them if they were vegan gluten free. They were incredibly nice and they did offer a corn tortilla, but they cooked it on the same grill as the flour one. Sad that Mat couldn’t eat it, he didn’t want to risk it, I don’t blame him. They are taking steps to learn more about the needs of a celiac/gluten intolerant diet. This is great, I hope so because not to rub it in, but it was delicious and for $4!

This is the inside of Crudessence. I love how clean and simple it is, this is just one of the three locations.

We ordered the raw sushi appetizer:

This is the Om Burger:
It was freaking delicious and I could eat this every day. I have to learn how to make that aioli sauce, because it was finger licking good. Mat had the tacos, which were also incredible, and the side salad consisted of: mixed greens, sprouts, shredded carrots, beets/cauliflower, coleslaw with a curry flavour and sweet coleslaw and kale.

The next day I had the “egg” wrap:

Mat had the quinoa wrap, he enjoyed it quite a bit and I believe that was the only cooked item on the menu (other than the rice wraps that hold together the wraps themselves).

The little crackers on the side were delightful and I was incredibly full with this meal, but you know, I had to try the tiramisu, I couldn’t imagine how they could have made this raw, but oh did they ever.

 I would love to go back in a minute. We really enjoyed the raw food we had and bought the Crudessence cookbook. You better believe I will be making recipes from that book and blogging about it.

Happy eating!



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The Canadian National Exhibition 2012

Have to love the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), many fun memories as a child, teenager and now as an adult. Crazy to think the CNE has been going for 133 years! I can only imagine what it looked like back then.

According to the CNE fact sheet:

– Approximately 1.3 million attendance, largest fair in Canada, 8thlargest in North America.
– Has evolved and changed over time; emphasis has shifted from exhibits to entertainment and interactive experiences.
– Self-funded, the CNE is a major economic generator for the province of Ontario
– CNE is financially stable and operates without any annual subsidy.
– An Economic Impact Study conducted by Enigma Research Corporation in 2009, reported that the CNE had a gross economic impact of $58.6 million on the Greater Toronto Area and $80 million on the province of Ontario.
– CNE is a provincially chartered, non-profit agricultural society.
– CNE is EcoLogo certified making it the Greenest Fair in North America

Pretty impressive stats for an exhibition. I’d have to say the main attraction for a lot of people I know is the Food Building. Incredibly packed with food from all over the world, but only ONE raw vegan booth called Vie. Vie was the only guaranteed vegan and gluten free place we could eat and frankly after trying the tacos, I didn’t want to try anywhere else.

We spoke to the booth owner who explained he was being supplied by St. Lawrence market’s Cruda Cafe. The tacos were comprised of a dehydrated corn soft taco shell, a sour cream, corn, avocado, shredded lettuce, tomato, and magical spices that all really worked. We were incredibly pleased and impressed. Had to try the desserts, two chocolate and one key lime, had to stop myself from eating more. The entire meal was incredibly delicious, filling and had me wondering what else could be created.

We walked around and took a few pictures, but couldn’t photograph everything, just a heck of a lot going on.

 The animal section was the saddest part for me. I hated seeing: chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, sheep ostrich, llamas, alpacas cooped up. Like this is what they want to do for two weeks. I realize this is probably the only time some city children will see live farm animals, but that’s what animal sanctuaries are for. I saw a turkey fighting with another, the bigger one was pulling the other’s gullet. I hit the plastic window a few times to try to startle them to stop, but that didn’t work. The attendant wasn’t there and I told the information booth what happened. I have no idea if my information was relayed, but I’m going to be optimistic.

This is a sign in the Food Building. I am very impressed that the different food options were displayed so clearly.

Here’s where our glorious meal at Vie started:

These tacos were beyond tasty, we ended up eating one and then coming back for two each for take away. I would dare anyone to eat these and not be full, they were fantastic!

There’s no way you could tell the brownies were raw, they were so moist and rich, incredibly well done. The key lime was also tasty and not overly sweet. Excellent.

As we are slaves to our devices, we were glad to see there was a free phone charging box with clear markings which cable worked with what phone. Pretty cool to be able to charge your phone while at an event as such.

This is the newest addition to the CNE,  according to the Wiki: Sky Ride, a cable car ride introduced at the 2012 CNE in the spirit of the Alpine Way.

It was a sun screen kind of day and a great way to spend the time if you’re into rides and eating all day. Why not? There are vegan options and one for sure gluten free vegan option. Not sure if Vie is coming back next year, but they certainly have my vote versus the rest of the food.


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