Raw Stock 2012

This weekend we went to Raw Stock and had a great time. We saw quite a few vendors and the location of Niagara-on-the-lake was perfect. Along with vendors, there was a fenced in kid sand box/jungle gym area, a speaker seated area, free all day yoga and live musicians playing. There was a sense of calm and overall good feeling in the air. I would call the event very successful and I can only imagine what next year will be like.

The event seemed very well organized and pretty much ran itself. That’s what it seemed like, which I think is a great compliment to any large event, it all seemed very smooth and well thought out.

This is where most prepared raw foods were being sold. It was one large room with vendors along the side. It was incredibly busy during the lunch rush. The line up for food from the Naked Sprout and the raw pineapple juice/young Thai coconut water from Andria Barrett & Mary Hulbert was very popular.

Here’s Natalie from Rawlly Delicious talking to customer about nutrition.

Rawlly Delicious brought a variety of Energy Balls. If you’re in the GTA, they actually will deliver your order. That is amazing. Not only do they offer raw, vegan, gluten free food, but you don’t even have to lift a finger to get it. Click here to order. I’m going to write another post separately about my review of their Hulk Balls. It makes me giggle every time I say it, yes, I know my humour level is middle school.

Mandi Gould is the driving force behind Health Nut, a raw vegan company specializing in Nut Butters/Cheeses. Her products can be found around St. Catharines and at Live, click here to find out more locations. We bought the Moroccan Almond Butter and I can’t wait to try it out. It was $15 for a 400g jar and I figure it’s worth it for a raw organic product. The nuts alone are pretty expensive to make a nut butter of this amount, so I’m happy I can buy it like this.

The food below is from The Naked Sprout. We went there last year and at the time they were still serving wheat products, which I found odd for a raw restaurant, apparently now they’ve changed and are gluten free.

The taco and the salad were $15, I don’t know if this is a regular price, but I could have eaten twice as much. It was quite tasty, but not fully satisfying for a meal, I felt this portion size was more so for a snack. When we were in Montreal at Crudessence, I ordered something similar and the taco was as big as my head and I couldn’t finish it as much as I wanted to; it was also $15. Are produce prices that different per province? I’m going to assume this was just for the show, but only a visit will be able to clarify that.

Here’s the fantastic Doug McNish speaking, yes, it’s hard to see, but if you look in the middle of the picture towards the top he is in a white shirt and has on black pants. I was hoping a picture from this distance would show the amount of people who came to see him.  We have Doug’s book and it’s pretty fantastic. I don’t know how he came up with 400 recipes, but the man is very creative.  We bought the book at The Big Carrot in case you’re wondering, but I’m sure it’s at most heath stores and of course online.

The weekend before Raw Stock, we were protesting at Marineland. We became familiar with (M.A.D) Marineland Animal Defense and fully support the cause. No animal should be made to live in captivity performing tricks. I’m pretty sure a whale isn’t happy about being in a dirty bathtub versus being in the ocean where it belongs. If you have a few minutes to spare and some dollars why not donate some time and money to the cause.

Who doesn’t want to end their afternoon with pudding? We came across Live on Chocolate who was selling both Raspberry and Chocolate puddings. Being the chocolate lovers that we are, we both got the chocolate pudding, which had some interesting ingredients. I never would have thought lentils to be a pudding topping. It was smooth and pleasant, felt like I wasn’t eating something ‘bad’, how could I when it was packed with superfoods. Excellent way to eat yourself to health. Click here to find out where to buy other raw, vegan, gluten free desserts (both in Oakville/Toronto).

We heard the event had 2,100 people throughout the day. That is fantastic! Congrats to the organizers. What a great amount of people to come through a raw vegan event. I am incredibly impressed and happy for the organizers. Looks like there’s a vegan vibe going on in Niagara Region. I can only hope good things for them. Keep it going group!



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  1. That’s a nice event overview! Thanks for including a note about Health Nut.

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  3. Thank you so much for the great review of our Power Puddings!!! I’ll link you to facebook and twitter!

  4. Hulk Balls! bahaha! Apparently our senses of humor are the same :)
    great write up about a lovely day!

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