Product Review: Shiva’s Delight Lemon Rosemary Deodorant


For the past few years I have used a variety of deodorants: regular Secret, to Secret Clinical, to this one dab on deodorant that I had to buy in the States that had 20% aluminum. After realizing, hey, these are probably pretty bad for me I decided to try Kiss My Face roll on deodorant. Yeah, I can smell like lavender, but I still sweat like a hippy.

Cue the Lemon Rosemary Deodorant from Shiva’s Delight. I received this product and test tried it for a few days. Not only did I feel a bit dryer (even though it’s not an antiperspirant, but my pits smelt lovely! Yes, I am impressed.

What is this lovely stuff made of? Here’s a quote from the site:

Vegan Lemon Rosemary Deodorant $12 2.5oz

“This lovely deodorant is made with vegan candelilla flower wax and it smells wonderful! The active ingredients are Neem oil, tea tree and camphor.. together they help fight odor causing bacteria and they are antfungal! This product is aluminum free and is 100% natural.. You apply it in the morning then re apply it later in the day! It also makes mosquitoes very sad and some folks say it scares them away really well ;)”

Looks like we have a winner. Aluminum free, it works, and it smells great; bonus for being great bug repellant. It didn’t leave a film or cake onto my clothes, so I’m quite happy about that. I might even roll some of this onto my feet – why not?

There are other products as well: Natural Soap, Body OilsDecadent Bath Fizzies, Funky Jewellery, Natural Deodorant, Natural Baby Products.

I love supporting a fellow Canadian vegan business. Here’s where you can buy Shiva’s Delight products:

Hopefully as the business grows, so does the distribution, I would love to see these products on shelf at say, The Big Carrot.

Let’s make that happen by asking for it. Why not leave comments on The Big Carrot’s Facebook page? I know I will.




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  1. Diane

    I use this deoderant!!!! And, many more of her products. Can’t wait for it to run out so I can buy the Sweet Champa one hehehe

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