WTF Vegan Food + The Streets I know + Snooters


This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two cool tweeps: @wtfveganfood and @thestreetsiknow .

Kristin, who is a vegan blogger on a year(ish) mission to travel across the United States trying every 100% vegan restaurant. (Click image to enlarge)

Luckily for us, she did manage to find her way to Toronto and I suggested we go to Bunner’s Bake Shop. I didn’t want her to miss out on the glory that is the Bunner’s curry pocket.

Until August 6th, Bunner’s is helping by donating $2 from every Strawberry cupcake they made as a special push to help Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary. Snooters is a privately run, privately funded, farm animal sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. They offer safe, forever homes to rescue animals who have come from a variety of places. Some from families who grow tired of them, some from factory farms, some strays and many with disabilities.

If you can’t make it to Bunner’s you can make your donation to Snooters here. The animals thank you!

Kristin has been to quite a few restaurants by now and is doing something that I think is incredibly brave, she quit her job, she packed up her life and through the kindess of people started her trip. I know what it’s like to put faith in a dream and to push for it and I have nothing but kind things to say about this lovely lady. If you’d like to help her on her voyage to spread the vegan word click here.

Melanie is a Toronto blogger, who writes The Streets I know; a vegan fashion blog:

I truly enjoyed our talk about purses and things to watch out for in terms of straps breaking etc. What girl doesn’t have a tiny love of purses. Okay, maybe a bit more than that. I suppose I enjoy accessories like shoes and purses because they never change size and are comfortable. Who doesn’t enjoy putting on a pair of familiar shoes? Of course, finding vegan versions are sometimes challenging, but it doesn’t mean we have to have ugly accessories.

Either way, it was a nice time and I really liked it. Makes me excited for our VBU! Conference in 2013. I imagine that it will be as fun.  Connecting with other bloggers really made me happy. So much in common from this lifestyle. Sometimes you think you’re in a bubble, but by talking to other people it really comes into focus how alike we all are and the passion behind why we’ve made such a decision is electrifying.




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  1. I’m jealous you all were able to get together!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! It was great to meet you!! :) xo

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