Product review: Simply Delicious Chocolate O’s

We noticed a new cookie on the shelf that looked a lot like Oreos. We had stumbled onto Jo-Sef’s Simply Delicious Chocolate O’s. They’re vegan and gluten free! Imagine that. Had to try them. As long as you don’t go in expecting that familiar taste of an Oreo you’ll be set. The cookies are pretty thick and incredibly filling. I couldn’t even eat more than three at a time. I used to be able to eat a row of Oreos at a time. Yes, I know, not a good thing to do.

Either way, I was pleased with these cookies and I would buy them again. They were roughly $5 a box, which is pretty much expected when it comes to a specialty cookie such a gluten free/vegan.

Here’s what the box looked like:

Of course, the Nutritional Facts: (Click to enlarge)

Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t eat more than three, holy cow 150 calories for 2 cookies! Eeek. They are a snack in moderation for sure. Not something I’d be able to eat every day, but I’m sure someone with a sweet tooth certainly could. They weren’t overly sweet like other cookies and they weren’t as dark as the packaging suggests. Mind you, we ate them all before thinking maybe, just maybe, I’d write about them. The cookie colour was more milk chocolate brown than it was black. Funny, how the familiaritiy of an Oreo cookie is so engrained. Dang marketing.

All around, a good cookie and satisfying.

Happy eating!



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  1. I love chocolate sandwich cookies, so it’s nice to know about another brand. Where did you purchase these?

    ❀ It’s Carmen

  2. I tried these! They’re really yummy. I found mine at a Christmas Tree Shops store but they were only there once.

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