Nature’s Empoirum Raw Food review

Last weekend we went to Nature’s Empoirum for a Concept Branding client meeting and while we were there we had lunch. Thankfully Nature’s Emporium has a raw vegan chef, named Pedja, who makes some truly wonderful food.

WARNING: You will eat with your eyes and thus want to buy two slices of pizza and a burger, however, you will most likely not be able to finish a pizza slice and a burger.

I highly suggest getting a pizza slice and sharing the burger. It’s seriously filling and you really will be so satisfied that for the rest of the day you’ll be full. As you can see the pizza looked amazing!

Here’s what’s in it:

The burger not only looked pilled high, but it was so tasty, I was immediately struck by the marinade.  The whole thing was a delight! I couldn’t stop telling Mat how much I enjoyed it. Yes, I am annoying sometimes.

The patties and marinara sauce blew me away. I cannot believe that walnuts, cashews and pepitas could taste this good. It was an incredibly meat like texture, which threw me off a bit, I had to remind myself it was raw food. Nature’s Emporium is in Newmarket, but it’s worth the drive. The majority of the store is organic and they sell items that are very hard to find in regular stores, such as 1L glass sprouting jars, organic raw nuts, and a few health care items that I am particularly fond of. They do have some produce promotions like 2 for $6 organic strawberries etc.

I know that I will be stopping by periodically to sample the rest of the raw food menu and tomorrow I will be buying an entire pizza and a few burgers to share with my extended family. Cannot wait!

Happy eating!



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  1. I have the pleasure of living 3 minutes from Natures Emporium and eat there pretty much every day. It’s a great group of talented people who make and sell the most beautiful products. Glad you were able to experience them. PS> I am a pretty big guy and one of those burgers is hella filling, incredible value.

  2. melanie

    Well I too have the pleasure of eating at Natures every day, and working their…! hey aireater….did you try any of the raw desserts!? a must!

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