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Oh ladies, (sorry guys) get ready for this! Dun, dun, duuuun: The Diva Cup! Yes I bought one, went through a cycle and have lived to talk about it. I bought mine directly from the LunaPad website as they had a sale off their kits:

This is what I bought from the site – DivaCup Kit with Teeny Pantyliners:

I picked the Apple Blossom pads. I couldn’t resist the name. I’m a sucker for a pretty pattern. Here’s what it looked like when it arrived:

Of course Yoshi couldn’t resist and had to see what I was doing.

I have to admit when I first attempted to use it, I wasn’t really sure how to do so, the ‘folding’ method worked best. I took it out about three times to empty it and hand wash gently with natural soap, no oil based soap, so that means my beloved olive oil soap is out. Please read the instructions in details as to the care instructions.

The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying, washing and reinserting for use for another 12 hours. Perfect for overnight use. I was so paranoid the first day, but after I got used to trusting it and learning to listen for the “pop” suction noise I figured things out. It’s a great way to reduce feminine products from ending up in the landfill and finally something I can feel comfortable sleeping with and not having to worry about leaks or changing etc.

I love the Luna Pads as well. They fit my underwear and I was comfortable wearing them, I didn’t really need them too much, but the few little times I did, I was glad I had them. Comfy and breathable, I enjoyed having the Luna Pads for back up support. On the third day I went sans cup and the pads worked just fine. As per the packaging, they did shrink in the wash a bit, but they still felt fine afterwards.

I know a few ladies I spoke to on Twitter had negative experiences, the cup being too big, and the texture being too rigid, but I did not have these issues. To each their own and for me, this was a great positive experience, once I got past the anxiety and learnt to relax. I had no idea I would be so invested and interested in my period. I mean really, who sits there thinking yeah, this is happening, high five. More so that I felt really in tune with my body and I was really listening for once instead of just going on auto pilot.

I liked the experience, I’m happy with the products and I actually don’t mind my upcoming usage.

Do you use one?




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  1. My brand-new Diva Cup just arrived yesterday! I just finished my period so I’ll have to wait to try it, but I’m excited. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but your praise gives me hope!

    • aireater

      Hi Kelly!
      Hope it works out for you. It’s a bit difficult in the beginning, but I’m sure you’ll adjust. Enjoy freedom from Toxic Shock Syndrom! :)

  2. I’ve been using diva cups for about 4-5 years now, and I wouldn’t want to go back to using anything else. Totally agree with you. So easy to use, I found it nice and flexible, easy to clean, and I feel so much better about not throwing out a bunch of pads/tampons/etc every month.

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