Sage Fair: Change Matt – Eco cloth diapers

One of the vendors we met at the Sage Fair was Sara Vartanian from Change Matt. She started her company as a result from having her own child, who is the face of their products, and wanted to have an eco friendly alternative to diapers piling up in a landfill. How adorable are these items?

Sara gives workshops on how to learn Cloth Diapering properly:

I imagine this is rather helpful for new mothers. What a great way to reduce garbage waste and have that bonding time.

You can follow Sara on Twitter and Like her Facebook page.
Located in Toronto: Avenue Rd. & Eglinton Ave., Toronto, ON M5N1L4
Phone: (647) 361-8437



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  1. Lidia,
    Thank you so much for sharing the great pictures you took & information about my new business. I appreciate you passing on the word!

    It was nice to talk with you, and am enjoying following your blog. The name is great. I loved how you explained to me why you came up with Air Eater.


  2. it is a nice idea to get away from diaper rash but real question is what steps need to follow.
    1-use ecological diapers that are really workable in case of diaper rash.
    2-do not use tightly cloth diaper.
    3-keep diaper cream with you. in case your child get rashes.
    חיתולים אקולוגיים

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