Air Eater Dental Update – Thank you!

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great Victoria Day, and have your fireworks ready! Happy early Memorial Day to my wonderful US readers. Even though I’m Canadian, I find it funny that I have a stronger readership in the US; I’m not sure why. Either way, just wanted to say THANK YOU for everyone being so incredibly kind and considerate. I really appreciate the Tweets, Facebook DM’s and the kind emails emails. You guys are really wonderful.

I’m much better, had a bit of extra soft pasta and I mean soft like geriatric soft. Felt like I was going nuts nut being able to chew something. I had no idea what an intense feeling/desire this simple action could create. By Wednesday I’ll have my stitches out and hopefully be back to normal.

It’s been a strange few days in the sense that I’ve not had an appetite and I suppose that has to do with the pain. Who can be hungry and be hurting at the same time? It almost reminds me of in the 80’s when people would get their jaw wired shut to lose weight.

If I could sum up my experience, I kinda felt like this guy:
I still can’t laugh, it hurts too much, but I can snort and make huffing noises and that’s good enough for me.

Thanks again everyone – I really felt the love and am grateful that people are so kind.

Happy eating to all you chewers!


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  1. Oh, Lidia! I feel for you!

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