Update: Being Vegan at the Dentist

By the time you read this, I will be in a drug induced delirium listening to a mix playlist I made of: Radiohead, Foster the People, Crystal Castles, Elvis, LMFAO, Pony Up!, Handsome Furs, The National, The Carps, CSS, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Yes, I have some guilty pleasures, I’m sure you all do too.

I will also have an eye mask on and hopefully won’t be gripping the chair till my knuckles turn white. I’m getting that little piece that connects your lower gum to your lip snipped, as it’s pulling on my gum, I’m also getting a piece of the roof of my mouth cut and stitched onto a bit of my lower receding gum.

Doesn’t this sound like a party and a great way to kick off a Canadian long weekend? Sure! Should take about an hour. No doubt I will cry when it starts and hopefully the drugs kick in quickly.

My dentist offered me three options for the graft: 1. Another human’s skin, 2. Pig’s skin and 3. My own. I had no idea that pig was an option. I mean even if I wasn’t vegan I can’t imagine accepting a piece of a pig’s skin into my mouth. That’s pretty gross no matter how you cut it. Then there’s the cadaver option, I have watched Six Feet Under and I know it’s not a big deal, but no. I’d much rather they cut my own mouth to take a piece.

Who knew being vegan would extend itself at the dentist? Either way, I hope that I’m passed out enough that I magically wake up in bed with the cats snuggled and Mat holding my hand. Yes, that would be ideal.

Hope your day is better than this!


Update: I’m home resting and I am glad for the pain killers. I didn’t end up taking the Valium, I think she forgot to give it and I wasn’t sure to ask. It also would have increased the cost.  It already cost $1,500, thank god for insurance that covered 80%, but $300 is still a fair bit. I did have a moment where I screamed and had a bit of a panic attack. I don’t know of it was the idea that the roof of my mouth was being cut, or I felt the pressure from the needle. I’m not sure. Either way I’m starting my juice fast and I am grateful for Mat being so supportive and my dentist being so wonderful. She was so kind and understanding. Who knew being vegan was going to be an issue at the dentist?



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  1. Oh wow, good luck! I hope it’s not as bad as you think it’ll be!!

    • aireater

      Thank you. I did scream during the cutting of the roof of my mouth and went into a bit of shock. I was shaking, hyperventilating and crying a bit. So that was pretty bad for me. I did calm down, but I can’t imagine doing this again. Next time, heaven help me if there is, I want to be totally knocked out. I didn’t end up taking the Valium. Wish I did.

  2. Yikes! Best of luck. As someone with a receding bottom gum line (damn my OCD-ridden younger self for being obsessed with brushing my teeth!), I’m interested to hear how the surgery goes!

    • aireater

      Hi Kelly, I too was obsessed with brushing my teeth. As you can see from the comment below, I had a bit of a rough time. I’m recovering well, but I really hate having these stitches in. I feel like a bad art project. Or a horror movie, take your pick. I suppose I’m being a bit of a baby, but I wouldn’t want anyone to go thought this. My dentist was incredibly good and kind, she really knows her stuff; I’m grateful I had her at least.

  3. Apologies for just writing to you now – it’s been a crazy week. But, oh, nothing like what you’ve experienced!! I live in dread of major mouth/dental work, especially since I have receding gums around my molars and my sister recently had work similar to yours done on her receding gums… Healing thoughts and hugs to you, my dear!

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