Gearing up – Air Eater Juice Fast

On June 6th I’m having minor gum surgery and my dentist recommended that I don’t eat solids for a week. It’s like a sign because I have been thinking of doing this anyway. The unfortunate part about this is that I don’t have the option of taking a day off and eating solids. I’ve never done well with being forced into a situation. I suppose I will have to. I guess the main fear is being hungry and missing the fact that I won’t be chewing anything.

Our morning smoothie is always fantastic and I look forward to it every day, plus, I really enjoy our green juice in the afternoon, so am I going to be able to get over the hump of not having my huge salad in the middle? Hhm…might have to do a test run day and see what happens. I figure I’ll have to just keep drinking. I am trying to break it down as I would my usual day where I eat every two hours or so.

Breakfast:  Lemon water + smoothie
Mid morning: red juice
Lunch: green juice
Mid afternoon: lemon water
Dinner: green juice

Smoothie: Sun warrior (vanilla), hemp heart, chia seed, strawberries, Almond Breeze (vanilla), cinnamon
Green juice: Kale, spinach, parsley, cilantro, collard green, celery, carrot, apple, dandelion, swiss chard.
Red Juice: Green juice + lemon + beet – apple

I might switch up the green/red juices, I don’t know. It’s whatever we have on hand really. I am slightly worried that I won’t be getting the proper vitamins/minerals. I need to do more research.

If you have recommendations – please let me know!




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  1. My nutritionist said the 3rd day is the hardest. Plan to stay in bed, if you can, all day. She suggested to not be around your spouse or anyone else. But, once you get past the 3rd day, she says, it’s bliss!
    I suggest you add celery to some of your juices. When juiced it is easier for your body to digest therefore making it more hydrating than water. It’s a great filler so to speak. If you want to make a quart of juice with the ingredients you have but it doesn’t quite make it, add celery. It doesn’t alter the flavor much which is good. Good luck!! I will be doing one soon too!!

    • aireater

      Thanks for the comment. I will be starting on a Wednesday and plan to take the Thursday and Friday off, then into the weekend I hope to feel good. I appreciate the heads up! Mat will be doing it with me; misery loves company right? haha.

  2. Sorry to hear about the gum surgery! With your healthy diet, I’m sure recovery will be very quick. I’m just dipping my toe into the green smoothie/juice world, but I’ll bet you’ll get great advice (like the previous comment)!

    • aireater

      It’s something so small, just snipping a piece that is pulling my gums. Thanks though! The green juice/smoothie world is wonderful!! I am glad I started incorporating this into my diet. I never thought I’d be interested, but I am pleasantly surprised. :)

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