Air Eater – Shampoo/Conditioner Free!

I have a secret! I think my experiment is at the right stages to talk about it. I don’t use shampoo nor conditioner!

There – I said it. It started about three weeks ago where I decided I was only going to rinse my hair with water in the shower.

I didn’t use shampoo for two weeks. During that time my hair, root to tip, was enveloped in my own natural oils. Okay, this was getting kind of funky towards the end. The hilarious part was people were complimenting my hair. I really liked how my hair looked, the curls were defined and the waves were locked together as if I was using my favourite hair gel. Imagine that!

Here’s me digging my crazy hippie style of not using shampoo:

Lidia No shampoo, Air Eater, Lidia Le Francois

After the two weeks of just washing with water I decided I had to do something. I figured I needed two bottles: A: Baking soda and water and B: Apple cider vinegar and water mixture. What else than a trip to the dollar store for BBQ set of ketchup mustard squeeze bottles. These work rather nicely. I did have to cut the tips off a bit more as the squeeze hole was too small.

The mixture is a simple ratio of 1tbsp of (baking sode/apple cider vinegar) to 1 cup of water. You’d think the vinegar would make your hair stinky, but not the case. I just make sure that the baking soda mixture gets to my roots, while the vinegar stays away and into thebody of my hair. I do the vinegar one first in the shower because it feels like the baking soda absorbs the smell.

There you have it – my dirty secret I was waiting to confess.



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10 Responses to Air Eater – Shampoo/Conditioner Free!

  1. I was just thinking I need to get off of the products!

  2. I’m digging your hippy hair, too! Looks great! I haven’t ditched my shampoo yet, but I have started cleaning my face with oil: caster and sunflower seed. Feels great, inexpensive. I’ll let you know how my skin looks after a few weeks of this!

  3. Will definitely have to give this a try! Love making things less complicated!

    • Mrs J

      I have gone shampoo-free, washing with conditioner. Like the previous poster, I also cleanse my face with oil. EVOO in winter, sesame in summer (esp good for acne-prone skin). Sunflower, apricot kernel, jojoba… so many nice ones to choose from. Castor oil makes lashes grow nicely.

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  5. I’ve been using vinegar for some time and I think it is excellent.

    Waiting for my shampoo to get used up (not long now) and then I will take the plunge with the soda.

  6. Nicole

    I tried the no shampoo/no conditioner route, and the soda/vinegar method, however it left my hair feeling very coarse and brittle. I wonder if this method suits a particular hair type?? Good luck! :)

    • aireater

      Hi Nicole! The trick is to not wash your hair with any soap for a week and let the natural oils build up until it’s enveloped your hair. Then start using the soda/vinegar as a cleaner. I felt a little grungy I might add, but this natural coating did work rather well. You might want to wear a hat or something for the first bit. I was lucky to be able to tie my hair back. Best of luck!

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