Raw Appetizer: Coconut Avocado Crudités

The more I delve into the raw food world, the more I like it. I find the art of assembling is truly that – an art. I’m not a food stylist, but let me tell you I agonize over pictures, placement, and lighting like I was a professional. I wish I had a proper studio set up, I’d love to take the food glamour shots that I dream my food can be.

This picture doesn’t really require a recipe, it’s just an assembly of items that I had on hand and thought would make a delicious combination.

Coconut square from a young thai coconut dehydrated, toped with avocado, sun dried tomato, and a dried zucchini chip.

Raw Appetizer Coconut with avocado and sun dried tomato with zucchini chip

I would totally serve this at a party. So simple to make and easy to assemble, plus the combination is a real crowd pleaser.


Happy eating!



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