Blissful Bites: Pineapple Not So Fried Rice Air Eater style

The kind people of Benbella Books sent me  Blissful Bites Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet  By Christy Morgan.


I really enjoyed Christy’s organized approach to cooking. The book is organized by seasonal recipes and is colour coded. Nothing more I like than colour coding! Okay, a few other things, but it’s up there. The beginning of the book explains pantry and utensil staples. This really helps in terms of being prepared to start cooking.

There are suggested menu items for all four seasons, this is smart because you’re not searching for exotic items during the wrong season and thus saving money by using what is currently available. Sometimes you really just have to be logical about cooking, and Christy does just that.

All her recipes are easy, comfort foods that would satisfy any picky palate.  I made the Pineapple Not So Fried Rice recipe and added a few things. I added a home made sun dried tomato and zucchini chips. I also tried to pipe avocado and Dijon mustard along the bottom of the rice circle with raw avocado on top. It provided a lovely addition in texture and taste. As per the recipe I garnished the rice with sesame seeds, I added toasted as well as plain.

Here’s how I interpreted the recipe:

Blissful Bites Not So Fried Pineapple Rice Air Eater Style

I am going to try the Un-Chicken salad recipe next and I high recommend picking this book up if you’d like staple recipes or are in the beginning stages of transition. This book would be great for anyone really who wants to add more vegetables to their plate.

Stay in touch with Christy on Twitter here:!/theblissfulchef
Check out her website here: 

Happy eating!



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  1. Beautiful! Nice to see what you were up to in the kitchen this weekend ;-)!

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