Raw Almond Bread

I made a quick batch of almond milk and then figured I ought to do something with the almond pulp left over. Love that nothing goes to waste with a dehydrator. I found this recipe from Raw Living Food 101 and did not use the Grapeseed Oil, instead I used Sunflower oil. I also did not use 1/3 of a cup, just a little less actually and I wish I had used the full amount. Instead what I made was a bit dry and brittle, but the taste – the taste is what makes up for it. Fantastic!

Here’s the pulp right after straining the almond milk:
Almond Pulp before Lidia Le FrançoisI love the shape from my measuring cup. After I just smoothed it out on a dehydrator sheet and scored the mixture, set it to 110F and checked on it after four hours. Then flipped it and put it back for another five hours.

This is what it looked like:Almond Bread After Lidia Le FrançoisSorry the picture looks a little green, I didn’t notice until posting, it’s the reflection of the green wall behind me. I assure you, the mixture was not green, more white than anything.  It was light and as fluffy as I could get really, but rather crumbly. No way this could hold up in a sandwich, but made great crackers/croutons in a way.

Just like eating garlic infused almonds – if you’re into that sort of thing you’ll love this.

Happy eating!



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3 Responses to Raw Almond Bread

  1. Good idea, I usually dry the pulp out and use it as flour. Maybe adding flax would eliminate the crumble.

  2. This looks very good, thank you for this post!

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