Homemade “Sun dried” tomatoes

One great aspect of having a dehydrator is that nothing goes to waste. I bought tomatoes thinking I was going to make raw tomato bread, but I still had a lot left over from making my recent batch of buckwheat groats/phyllium husk bread. I wasn’t about to let organic tomatoes go to waste, they are pretty expensive, so why not make my own ‘sun dried’ tomatoes.  Easiest thing ever, doesn’t really involve a recipe as it’s literally cut the tomatoes as thick or thin as you like and set the dehydrator for 110F for a few hours depending on the thickness of the tomato.

I would vary the slices and make sure each tray has the same kind. It’s really your own preference. I do like my dried tomatoes a bit chewy, so I tend to make the slices thicker. I left them over night, around 8 hours or so, I would recommend a timer.

sun dried tomato, Lidia Le François

I find that store bought dried tomatoes have sulphites as a preservation ingredient. This makes me a bit worried as to how long that product has been sitting on the shelf. Also, I believe some people are allergic to sulphites, so making your own is really the best idea.

I have been using these tomatoes in my salads and enjoy them more so than regular tomatoes. I’m enjoying the same benefit of vitamins etc., without the mess that is a tomato. I’m not fond of the seeds being semi slimy and genrally making my salad feel wet and weighted down. I don’t know if I’m the only one annoyed by that, but it’s a pet peeve, now I can over come that with the sun dried tomatoes. Rejoice for picky silly people like myself.

Enjoy eating!



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4 Responses to Homemade “Sun dried” tomatoes

  1. Now I really, really want a dehydrator. I’ve picked one out – it’s been on my Amazon Wish List for ages. Why do I keep procrastinating??

    • aireater

      Upaya Naturals is having a sale on their Dehydrators I think. The 4 tray is under $200. I have the 5 tray and sometimes I have all trays going. Depends on what you’re making of course.

  2. I think I’ll be getting my dehydrator out!! I have left over tomatoes from my lasagna last night. Great idea, Lidia!!

    • aireater

      Thanks! It’s funny how simple it is and yet incredibly yummy. I find it amazing how expensive sun dried tomatoes are and this way you don’t waste and save money! Enjoy.

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