Raw Buckwheat Groat and Psyllium Husk Pizza

Mainly, I’ve been using my tomato bread as a pizza crust, but I came across a recipe by Hannah Mendenhall and the picture blew me away, I said I have to try this. Thus my two weekend long search for Irish Moss, buckwheat groat and psyllium husk, because you know, who has this in their pantry? Apparently I do now and will be keeping as a staple. I mark this recipe as my push into full fledge hippy. It wasn’t bad enough I have two different nut cheeses, fresh young thai coconut water, (and the extra coconut meat in the freezer), plus a few other different items on hand. Now, I have two varieties of Irish Moss and know how to use it!

I digress.

Here’s what I made and you can thank Hannah for creating such a great idea. Believe it or not, the big white ball that looks like a dinner roll is actually the ‘cheese’, the line formed from the mesh bag I had it hanging from. I am surprised that I didn’t need to refrigerate this, but followed the instructions to keep it somewhere warm and as the author did, I left it hanging while sitting on my dehydrator.

Macadamian Young Thai Coconut Meat with Irish Moss Air Eater Lidia Le François 2

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater 3

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater 3

I did use a non raw sauce, so I can’t say the whole thing is raw, I was a bit pressed for time and as I have about 8 of these pizza shells I will most likely make a raw sauce to use the next time.

Happy eating!




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5 Responses to Raw Buckwheat Groat and Psyllium Husk Pizza

  1. Looks delicious! We are hoping to have more raw meals this year, so I will hold on to the for a bit of inspiration 😉

    • aireater

      Thanks! It’s a bit dry, I suppose adding a bit more Irish moss would have made it better. I’m sure I’ll make this again. Let me know how yours turns out!

  2. Mila

    Where did you find the Irish moss? Online or at a store?

    • aireater

      Hi Mila, I found it in a local Caribbean store. I also found another plant that looks exactly like Irish Moss, but it’s a close cousin in an asian market. Irish Moss is also sold on UpayaNaturals.com’s website, they offer raw/organic/vegan products. Hope this helps!

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