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Happy Friday!

Just for no reason, I thought I’d say Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a wicked day. I’m in a pretty frickin’ great mood. The kind of good mood where you want to jump up and down and high five people.

Here’s a cute picture of Yoshi and the face he makes whenever I walk out of a room. He is a concerned kitty.
Yoshi, Lidia Le François
Of course, I must post a picture of the intense Yuki:
Yuki, Lidia Le FrançoisShe most likely meowed after this picture. She enjoys talking. That’s it – enjoy your day!



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Interview with Toronto’s Green Living Show Director

This is the first time I’ve decided to do an interview on Air Eater, most likely  not the last, so I thought it fitting to interview the Director of Events for the Green Living Show. The show takes place in Toronto, Ontario on the CNE grounds in the Direct Energy Exhibition Place. There are two parts to the show: 1) Consumers and 2) Green Living Business Forum and Innovation Exhibit

The Consumer portion has some pretty neat attractions:
 I’m excited to see vegan companies and I really am curious about new green products over all.  There will also be speakers talking about what else – green related topics.


Adults   $15.00
Seniors (65+)   $11.00
Students (with valid photo ID)   $11.00
Children 12 and under   Free; must be accompanied by an adult
Group Rate (15+ persons)   $10.00/person
School Group Rate (10+ students/teachers)   $6.00/person


Friday, April 13, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday, April 15, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

FREE admission if Continue reading


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Enjoy Life: Chewy Bars Review

The kind people of Enjoy Life sent me three Chewy Bars to review. These products are: vegan, gluten free, no artificial ingredients, kosher and vitamin fortified. What impressed me was they were chewy and soft as advertised.

1. Cocoa Loco:
Hands down this bar was my favourite. Very thick and rich, for sure I would recommend a glass of almond milk to go along with this bar. (Click image to enlarge)

2. Caramel Apple:
Can’t say I would eat this bar again, it was soft, but the taste wasn’t there for me. Not enough caramel or apple to really entice me.

3. Very Berry:
This was not what I expected at all, I must say I was disappointed with this product. The image of the strawberry, blueberries, and raspberries on the box lead me to assume that these items were in the product – this is not the case! In fact the only actual berry is dried cranberry and it’s not in the first percentile of ingredients, but buried somewhere in the middle. The very last ingredient is natural raspberry flavour. In my books natural flavour does not qualify as a physical fruit.

There is a fourth bar called Sunbutter Crunch – this product is mistakenly labeled as vegan. Please read the ingredient deck as this product does contain honey. 

These views are my own I was not compensated for this review.


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Raw Buckwheat Groat and Psyllium Husk Pizza

Mainly, I’ve been using my tomato bread as a pizza crust, but I came across a recipe by Hannah Mendenhall and the picture blew me away, I said I have to try this. Thus my two weekend long search for Irish Moss, buckwheat groat and psyllium husk, because you know, who has this in their pantry? Apparently I do now and will be keeping as a staple. I mark this recipe as my push into full fledge hippy. It wasn’t bad enough I have two different nut cheeses, fresh young thai coconut water, (and the extra coconut meat in the freezer), plus a few other different items on hand. Now, I have two varieties of Irish Moss and know how to use it!

I digress.

Here’s what I made and you can thank Hannah for creating such a great idea. Believe it or not, the big white ball that looks like a dinner roll is actually the ‘cheese’, the line formed from the mesh bag I had it hanging from. I am surprised that I didn’t need to refrigerate this, but followed the instructions to keep it somewhere warm and as the author did, I left it hanging while sitting on my dehydrator.

Macadamian Young Thai Coconut Meat with Irish Moss Air Eater Lidia Le François 2

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater 3

Raw buckwheat psyllium pizza Lidia Le François Air Eater 3

I did use a non raw sauce, so I can’t say the whole thing is raw, I was a bit pressed for time and as I have about 8 of these pizza shells I will most likely make a raw sauce to use the next time.

Happy eating!




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Twitter Name Necklace

I don’t usually blog about fashion as I stick to what I know, being a gluten free vegan with now raw tendencies, but I had to blog about my name necklace. I have never been able to get anything with my name on it, not in north america anyway, and I’ve spent hours of my life looking through those turn displays with children’s names on pens, cups, you name it only to be disappointed. Not even Lidia with a y. Apparently the name Abigail is popular but not Lidia? Bah.

I decided to do something about it. I found a site called and picked the yes, they call it what you’d imagine it to be – the Carrie “Sex and the City” style. It’s made of Acrylic and that is perfect for my skin type. I find I always have a reaction to any type of metal.

I picked my twitter handle @lidialf. Here are the instructions when you order if you’re curious:

Name Necklace Instructions
One name or word per pendant.
One capital letter per pendant.
We recommend limiting the name/word up to 9 letters/characters.
The chain length mentioned at our website does not include the pendant.
The length of the pendant varies according to the chosen name.
The average pendant size is:
2-3″ / 5-7.6 cm.

There are 9 different colours:

Image from

I chose green, which at first I was worried was going to be this neon green, but it actually turned out dark green, which is fantastic because this is the colour I preferred.

Here’s my custom necklace: Continue reading



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Vegan Meal Ideas: FARM’s National Meatout campaign #Meatout2012

I’m participating in Meatout 2012 by posting vegan recipe ideas and healthy living tips to help people ‘kick the meat habit’. Which, is basically, what I think I do each time I post, so yay! It’s pretty easy to be meatless, but it’s totally understandable that people are confused and weirded out by anything different.

How to change when eating meat is part of your every day life and something you don’t think about as it’s just normal. What’s not normal is colon cancer, heart attacks and a variety of other health related issues. I’m not going to go on a diatribe and be preachy, that was pretty much it. I do want to show people vegan can be fun, it’s not just berries and nuts – there’s a plethora of food out there. A lot of food that isn’t processed, but if you’re starting, a meat substitute is the easiest way to do that. Before long you won’t need that, but in the beginning it helps. The following are meal ideas that won’t take long to make and are delicious.  So much so, that you won’t even realize the lack of meat. Yes, it’s possible!

Here’s a sample of a few meal ideas with vegan products: Continue reading


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Raw Stuffed Mushrooms

As summer is coming up, I figured, why not make some fun finger food that can be served at parties and will really impress and delight. Yes, I literally thought this out loud. Good weather can improve a mood and when you’re in a good mood the next logical step is a party – right? Right!

The next time you’re going to such an event why not bring raw stuffed mushrooms, they can be made without a dehydrator, just some prep time before hand.

Lidia Le Francois, raw nuts

Stuffing: Continue reading



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Give credit where it’s due – don’t pirate photos

I work very hard on my blog, I am rather proud of it, and I like to think I’m doing something right. I hope that the people that visit my blog are also interested in fun recipes and a new way to look at food. I also strongly believe that all items on my blog are my property – this includes pictures. If you want to use an image I have – talk to me first. I am very happy that anyone would even be interested in my photos, but please do not take them and use them without permission.


Thank you


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Winner of Air Eater Contest No. 13 – Bob’s Red Mill

Thank you SO much for entering. I really appreciate it everyone! I wish I could give all of you a bag. In the end I picked a random number, after putting all of your names in a spread sheet (plus the bonus entries) and the winner is – Audrey!

Thank you everyone!


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Raw Pizza

As much as I love the ooey, gooey, goodness that is a Daiya pizza, I decided to make a raw pizza. I always have raw tomato bread handy these days, so I used that for the crust and the only hard part was blending the macadamia nuts into a ‘cheese’.

Here’s the link to the tomato bread:

raw pizza, Lidia Le François, gluten free

Macadamia nut cheese: Continue reading



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