VEGAN ROCK Tonight @ The Boat in Toronto

I don’t normally do this, but my friend Ash has an event running TONIGHT and I wanted to let everyone know about it as it is a vegan show.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth annual VEGAN ROCK! is scheduled for February 23, 2012!

• ALL are welcome to this fundraiser (bake sale/concert)
• All proceeds will go to the Toronto Vegetarian Association!
• There will be bands performing from 9pm until it’s time to sleep
• There will be a dozen bakers providing delectable desserts
• Cover is $10
• This event is open to everyone so tell everyone you know! The past shows have been successful, so let’s make this a success too.


• Dream Awake (
• More Than Breathing (
• Stefi Beck (
• Matt “Zaddy” Zadkovich

Please come up and support a good cause!


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  1. It looked pretty successful to me! Such great treats. :)

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