Raw Dried Cranberries

Now that we have a juicer, I am constantly looking to see what pulp I can dehydrate and what it might turn into. I was a huge fan of Craisins, until I saw how many calories were in a serving. Way too many for what I thought was a healthy snack. I figure making my own is healthier and personally satisfying.

Easy as a raw pie really.

Wash a bag of cranberries, juice them, then take the pulp and then add whatever sweetener you want to use plus some lime/lemon juice. Mix all that together and spread out on a dehydrator sheet. Set your dehydrator at 115F for at least three hours. Check periodically till they’re dry enough for you. Some people prefer a chewy consistency.

Sorry to no after photo I couldn’t stop eating them.




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3 Responses to Raw Dried Cranberries

  1. I seriously want a dehydrator JUST to make dried cranberries. I haven’t found ANY that don’t have sugar in them. Drives me nuts!

  2. It’s incredibly satisfying to not have chemical sugar in your food. Thing is you really do need a sweetener with the cranberries, I mean they are tart, I used 2 tbsp of sugar and wish I had added more. I did enjoy them still.

  3. ohmygosh! I never thought to use my pulp for delicious dehydrated foods! Especially cranberries – they take so long otherwise.

    I am so excited. :)

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