Coconut Raw-violi

I decided to try my hand at making ravioli with fresh coconut meat. I figured this would dehydrate nicely and be adaptable to a savoury dish. What’s ravioli without ‘cheese’? I also made a cashew cream cheese that really complimented the coconut: soaked cashews, 1/4 cup of coconut water, 1.5 tbsp minced garlic, a pinch of salt, a bit of fresh basil and blended it up. Worked like a charm.

If you’ve never opened a young thai coconut, I do suggest you check out a few videos as there is really easy way to do so. Plus, you might want to have a hacking knife and not ruin your nice chopping knives.

Once I extracted the coconut meat I cleaned if off with purified water to remove any of the inner shell. I just scraped it with a spoon, but you can buy fancy coconut scrapers if you’re going to be doing this often. Then I added 2 tbsp of the coconut water into a blender with the meat and set the machine to puree. That done, I spread the mixture onto a Teflex sheet, making sure to keep the height at 1/4″. Then I set the dehydrator to 115F for 6 hours and came to check in on it. I did flip it after I found it to be stiff enough to do so and then put it back in for another 6 hours.

When it was done I was able to literally cut the ravioli square with kitchen scissors.

I spiralized some zucchini and made a marinara sauce from a recipe on Give it to me Raw. Then sandwiched the raw cashew spread in between two pieces of dehydrated coconut. It was delicious and I hope you do take the time to make this.


Happy eating!



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4 Responses to Coconut Raw-violi

  1. Holy yum!! This sounds and looks amazing!! Way to go Lidia!! :)

  2. Thank you! I cannot tell you how delicious it was and simple! Glad you like it :)

  3. Ive been following your raw journey on twitter, and for one moment a thought crossed my mind “I wish I could be more raw, but Id miss…”
    aghh, thats what everyone says to vegans “I wish I go vegan but Id miss cheese/chocolate/icecream” – oh no, Ive turned into one of Those people

    basically, I think Im just lazy, I cook because its easier, and I live on a farm, so I have a lot of vegetables anyway, but you cant eat them raw …. I need more fruit trees, or… shop more

    anyway, my point, is Im not sure raw is for me, but it is certainly inspiring, and youre doing it in the middle of a Canadian winter!
    …perhaps 80 / 20, or maybe 90 /10 , that feels like a good ratio of raw to cooked, but whether it is cooked or raw, I think the world would be a lot better off with home-prepared, fresh, less / un processed foods, and vegan!

    • aireater

      Thanks for the comment. I think it’s all what you’re comfortable with. I might not ever be totally raw, but I do feel it’s healthier to eat unprocessed. :)

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