Eggplant Bacon

As I’m trying new things out with my dehydrator, I’m realizing there will be a few “fails”, I figure I might as well blog about them so others don’t do the same. Here is my attempt at Eggplant bacon, which, in my opinion did fail and might be tossed; not sure yet. I don’t particularly like eggplant. My Baka once tried to trick me by pan frying eggplant and tried to pass if off as if it was potatoes. Yeah right Baka! I may have been 10, but I wasn’t fooled.

I followed the directions from minus the chipotle as I am not fond of this and used regular water instead of the water soaked from the chili. I think my fail occurred due to my poor cutting skills and lack of mandolin use. The pieces were possibly too thick and took longer than 48 hours. Despite following the rest of the directions, my ‘bacon’ came out bland and basically like dried eggplant, frankly that grosses me out. I was hoping for something better. Boourns for me.

Here’s what the end result looked like, don’t be fooled with the looks, it was bland and made me sad. Also, if you really hate eggplant, DON’T make this, it stunk up the house pretty bad. For once I was happy I have allergies and couldn’t smell it. Poor Mat had to endure this for 48 hours. Maybe this will work for you, it clearly didn’t work for me, but hey you never know. In my vain attempt to make this work, I placed the strips into a ziplock bag, poured a tbsp of Tamari sauce and two drops of Liquid Smoke. It’s sitting in the fridge and I’m hoping against all odds it will do some magic.

If anyone has a for sure recipe please let me know.

Happy eating!



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