Raw Onion Bread! Sort of

I am too excited, more so than a kid at Christmas. I finally got my dehydrator and made my first attempt at raw onion bread. I am sure that I will get better at this and in a year I will look back at this to see the transformation. I hope so at least.

As I know nothing about dehydrating I used a recipe from Marisa’s Healthy Kitchen. I shouldn’t have assumed that chopped meant roughly chopped and not finely chopped. I wish the recipe called for a bit more direction. Instead I made a quite large unruly overt mass of onion. I imagine it will be only edible in place of onion bread crumbs, if such a thing was popular.

This is what is looked like:

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I can’t really look at it as a failure, no, my ego won’t allow for that; instead I will just realize where I went wrong (listen to Mat next time and chop finer) and try again. Ah well. Onto the next thing.



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4 Responses to Raw Onion Bread! Sort of

  1. Definitely not a failure! I am sure with a little bit of creativity this will be a great add to another recipe! I look forward to your next creations as you learn the art of dehydrating!

  2. Experimentation is the only way to learn and expand the vegan field. I love onion. I would probably eat it, lol.

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