Happy 2012!

Yay! Happy New Year to you! Hope all everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed a good time last night, this morning, you get the idea. I am so looking forward to 2012, I have great hopes that this year is momentous and brings great joy. Most people are back to work, or if you played your cards right you’re still hitting the snooze button and enjoying a few extra days.

The funny thing about the week after New Years is that everyone is in a great mood, people are just cheerful and excited with the prospects of the unknown.

I really don’t want to do a top list or anything like that. I just hope everyone has a great new year and that we’re all healthy and happy!

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    • aireater

      Thanks! Happy New Year to you too Shannon! Much easier to write this ahead of time. Who thinks to do this when the clock strikes 12. Hope you enjoy your night! 😉

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