Live Green Toronto Card

Hey Toronto – are you living Green? During the summer @MathieuLLF and I signed up for a Live Green Toronto card, sponsored by the City of Toronto, and we’ve been using our card to get discounts at places we regularly shop at. I’m a big fan of saving money and supporting local business, I like that I can do both with this card and have a feel good warm and fuzzy moment after. (Click to enlarge image.)

Here’s a link to the current deals: 

Here’s a link to companies participating:

What I like most about this initiative is it involves the whole city, there’s no clique, and it really provides an incentive to invest in the your local community. I love my city and I love deals, green deals are even better, so this totally works for me. Glad the City is doing something like this. They also have great tips on how to green your neighbourhood and there is a volunteer program to get involved!

Yay Toronto! Does your city have something like this?



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  1. Hi there – thanks for stopping by my blog for the straw giveaway! This card looks really interesting too – thanks for the post!

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