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Dating is tough enough, add in a few allergies, restrictions, and try finding someone with the same interests, or at least someone who understands. Matty Thomas did just that, by creating Singles with Food Allergies, she took her own destiny in hand and decided to help pair up others looking for partners who understood the difficulties of living with different food choices.

Below is a screen shot of the landing page. (Click on image to enlarge)

Singles with Allergies

There are many different types of allergens listed as well as dietary restrictions.

Here’s the About Us section where Matty describes her site and own search:

“I started Singles with Food Allergies, because I found myself challenged socially. Divorced and ready for a new relationship. I wondered how I would find a guy who would be comfortable in my dairy-free, soybean-free, shellfish-free, and nut-free household.

As a busy lady, my time is limited. Single club meetings often revolve around food and don’t interest me. I found no on-line option catering to singles living with food allergies.

I’m smart, attractive, and determined. I knew that similar men and women were searching, too. After months of preparation, I launched Singles with Food Allergies.

Enjoy this website and tell some friends about it. Hopefully, some new friendships will blossom into romance. Together, we’ll create open forums to share creative date ideas, allergy-related news and more.”

I really like the idea of this kind of site, it really makes sense and it’s incredibly hard to find people who will a) understand what living with a food restrictions is like and b) be willing to change. I also enjoy niche marketing ideas, clearly, with running Air Eater and my previous site

Right now it looks like there is an incentive to join: (Click to enlarge)

If you join now, you will receive a free lifetime membership.  Looks like there’s an additional contest giveaway. According to the site:

Holiday Contest Giveaway!
Now through early December, submit the names and e-mail addresses of three celiac singles or food-allergic singles, as referrals! If none are Members of Singles with Food Allergies already, we’ll enter you in our scrumptious Holiday Contest! One lucky person will win $50 worth of allergy-friendly holiday treats! Yes, you may enter more than once, but refer only single adults, please. Email your referrals to”

If you have an allergy, or a dietary restriction, this looks like a safe way to meet others. As always, be careful about what you say and how you meet people from the site. As nice as people are, use common sense and be logical about things. Of course you should have good intentions, but be careful, the profiles are not screened for criminal records and it’s up to you to be an adult and make smart decisions.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Thanks so much for this write-up! SWFA’s website is a lot of fun to manage and I’ve met many great people! The success of this website really depends on word-of-mouth or to update the phrase active social media fingers on the keyboards, so please spread the word! Singles With Food Allergies is a free, open community for adults. Although millions of single adults live with food allergies, we’re not at all easy to identify, so it’s hard for us to connect. BTW, we’ll be in the holiday issue of Living Without magazine, that comes out later this month!

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