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We bought this leash for Yuki as she likes to bolt outside. Thankfully we live in a condo and there’s no where she could really go. Last year Mat and I saw a cat get run over in Markham and the driver didn’t even notice. I actually followed him to the gas station he stopped at and yelled at him. He didn’t speak English. I actually made the sign for cat, ears, paw and meowed and then motioned that he squashed it flat. This man had no idea what I was saying, but really, you can’t misunderstand that. It was awful to watch, tears streamed down my face and we were both a blubbering mess. I did what I felt the owners would have done and I just couldn’t imagine letting my cats go a) outside and b) outside unsupervised.

This is the leash that we have:

Not that I would ever drag Yuki, but she was non plussed when I put the harness/leash on her. She had no interest in going outside with this thing on. She looked very much like this:

As she is a Russian blue with green eyes, this was bang on. I couldn’t believe how much she did not want to be outside and how she was scratching at our door to be let back in. Fine.

I put the leash on Yoshi, he was a bit apprehensive, but took it like a champ. We went out, he sniffed at the doors next to us, he looked down the hallway and trembled a bit and every second step he kept looking at me with these eyes, like, “Is it okay Mummy, will you save me if it goes wrong?”. I spoke to him softly and he seemed to feel better. Then we went back inside. He waited patiently for me to take the harness off and then purred so loudly as I scooped him up to congratulate him. Mommy’s stinky farty boy was a good boy today. I will have to reward him with some wet food later today. I was impressed.

Yes, I am turning into a crazy cat lady. If we had a bigger place, we’d probably have about four and a dog.



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  1. My Jack is leash trained. I started him when he was really small, and it took a few days to get him used to wearing the harness, then a few days to get used to a leash being on the harness, but, he really loves it. He knows that if the harness comes out he gets to go outside, and he gets so, so excited!

    Yuki sounds adorable.

    Where did you get this leash/harness?

    • aireater

      Yuki is a big suck, she is more a princess than anything. Yoshi was so brave, I was impressed and I did end up giving him his wet food treat. I got the leash/harness at Pet Valu, it’s a Canadian pet supply store chain.

  2. K

    The cat leash is a great idea, is yuki a kitten?

    Great you went after the driving, a friend of mine found a dead cat outside her house and we couldn’t find the owner so we took it to the vet to check the microchip but it didn’t have one, was so sad.

    • aireater

      Yuki is 7 years old, but acts like a kitten. Yoshi is 2 and is a big silly head. I was most upset with the lack of giving a toot of the driver that killed the cat. There was no way you couldn’t understand me. The lack of caring really made me angry.

  3. Oh, my goodness, we recently adopted two kitties from Animal Services and they are dying to go outside. I would never let them out alone, but have been wondering about getting a leash. They are about 8 months old now, but I think this might work!

    • aireater

      We live in a condo and I still am cautious when we take the cats out. I don’t take them far, just the hallway. Yuki or Yoshi don’t want to go further, which is fine. It’s nice to let them explore safely and with supervision. I hope you can train your little guys as they’re small and will most likely adapt. Good luck! :)

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