Thali Plate

Yesterday @MathieuLLF and I made it a point to find a Thali plate. As we are both lovers of Indian cuisine we figured it was time we had a Thali plate. What is a Thali plate you ask? Well, they come in a few forms:

1. Circle plate with smaller circle compartments

2. Circle tray with moulded compartments

3. Square Thali

This is the one we found. It was heavier stainless steel than the others and looked quite durable. There are more I’m sure, but these seem to be the popular varieties.

I’m trying to eat more raw, so I didn’t actually make anything Indian, Mat did make a curry. It was a tad spicy for me, but he enjoyed it. We found our plates and spices at a store in Brampton called Om. They had everything you could think of in terms of Indian food. Very well stocked and clearly labeled items.

We went in like a search mission, got what we wanted and happily drove back home to try everything out. Now, the thing is, what am I going to make for each compartment. It’s almost like making five small meals. I’m going to have to get more into this style of cooking to see what I’m missing. I’m interested in making low fat, vegan, gluten free Indian food – I assume this is possible.

This is what I assembled. 

The corn was frozen, I literally just ran it under hot water. The edamame I did microwave, but I suppose I could have done the same. The rice – well, that’s not raw in the slightest, I don’t think  I can give that up.

If you have a favourite recipe – please, do share! Clearly I could use the help.



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