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Happy 2012!

Yay! Happy New Year to you! Hope all everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed a good time last night, this morning, you get the idea. I am so looking forward to 2012, I have great hopes that this year is momentous and brings great joy. Most people are back to work, or if you played your cards right you’re still hitting the snooze button and enjoying a few extra days.

The funny thing about the week after New Years is that everyone is in a great mood, people are just cheerful and excited with the prospects of the unknown.

I really don’t want to do a top list or anything like that. I just hope everyone has a great new year and that we’re all healthy and happy!

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Air Eater on Holiday! Happy Happy!

Oh, it’s holiday time and wish there was snow to be excited about, but all we’ve been getting in Toronto is rain. Boourns. Maybe it will snow soon, but dang it, it just doesn’t say holiday without the flakey white stuff. I’m going to take it easy, enjoy my almond milk coco, catch up on the book I’m reading, play with the fur babies and of course take a few naps.

I do plan on going to Bunner’s for a few tasty treats. Who am I kidding, I’m going to go in there for a cupcake and walk out with a $50 hole in my pocket. Have you tried their donuts?! Heaven.

It’s been an interesting year and I am extremely excited for what 2012 holds. I can only imagine that it will be fantastically wonderful in a Scrumdiddlyumptious way.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Enjoy whatever you celebrate: Kwanza, Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, enjoy! Happy 2012! See you in January.



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Product review – Fruit & Fruit

I received an email from the lovely people at Fruit & Fruit, a Montreal based company that exclusively makes vegan, gluten free, bars and squares.

I couldn’t say no to that. I love supporting local companies and try to as much as possible. So, I get this sample package of their products.

1. Coconut & Raisin
2. Apple & Berries
3. Mango & Pineapple

The snacks are: Continue reading


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Vegan Gluten Free Pho

I’ve made pho before, but this time I did things a little different. I used more spices and as usual, learnt a bit along the way.

Ingredients: Continue reading


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Live Green Toronto Card

Hey Toronto – are you living Green? During the summer @MathieuLLF and I signed up for a Live Green Toronto card, sponsored by the City of Toronto, and we’ve been using our card to get discounts at places we regularly shop at. I’m a big fan of saving money and supporting local business, I like that I can do both with this card and have a feel good warm and fuzzy moment after. (Click to enlarge image.)

Here’s a link to the current deals:  Continue reading



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Singles With Food Allergies – Dating Site

Dating is tough enough, add in a few allergies, restrictions, and try finding someone with the same interests, or at least someone who understands. Matty Thomas did just that, by creating Singles with Food Allergies, she took her own destiny in hand and decided to help pair up others looking for partners who understood the difficulties of living with different food choices.

Below is a screen shot of the landing page. (Click on image to enlarge)

Singles with Allergies

There are many different types of allergens listed as well as dietary restrictions.

Here’s the About Us section where Matty describes her site and own search: Continue reading


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Holiday Time Gatherings + Special Diets

So it’s that time again where you’re going to holiday parties and dinners. Getting together for social gatherings where most people expect that you do eat what they serve.

How to avoid coming off like a jerk and politely telling the host you can’t really eat what they serve because you’re not sure how it was prepared and you don’t want to risk the chance of becoming ill? Would they rather have you happy or sick to appease their sense of duty to feed guests?

As much as I know my parents are aware of Mat’s gluten intolerance I know my mother can be forgetful. There are only a few handful of people of whom I trust to fully comprehend how easily food can be contaminated. Gluten is in everything, it’s in the most unexpected places: toothpaste, hand soap, hand cream, to name a few. It’s also easy to contaminate a dish with spice pinch bowls, or spices themselves, it’s like a battle field to avoid bread crumbs etc.

On top of the gluten issue, try explaining being vegan; that goes well with relatives.  “Oh, it’s just a little chicken, can’t you pick it out?” No. “Now, you’re just being difficult.”

The best solution is to bring your own food and explain you’d like to ‘lessen’ the burden of food preparation. It avoids a sticky situation and it relieves the host of trying to make something suitable. Often, I find the dish I bring is the first one consumed.

In the end the host is trying to please everyone and feels a certain amount of expectations to provide. It’s all in how you say things that make the difference. They ought to be able to accept that there are special exceptions and you are in no means trying to be difficult, but allergies are something you can’t really change. It’s safer for you and that’s what they care about anyway, that their guests don’t end up going home ill; that would make for a very sad gathering indeed.

Happy eating!


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Cat Walking

We bought this leash for Yuki as she likes to bolt outside. Thankfully we live in a condo and there’s no where she could really go. Last year Mat and I saw a cat get run over in Markham and the driver didn’t even notice. I actually followed him to the gas station he stopped at and yelled at him. He didn’t speak English. I actually made the sign for cat, ears, paw and meowed and then motioned that he squashed it flat. This man had no idea what I was saying, but really, you can’t misunderstand that. It was awful to watch, tears streamed down my face and we were both a blubbering mess. I did what I felt the owners would have done and I just couldn’t imagine letting my cats go a) outside and b) outside unsupervised.

This is the leash that we have:

Not that I would ever drag Yuki, but she was non plussed when I put the harness/leash on her. She had no interest in going outside with this thing on. She looked very much like this:

As she is a Russian blue with green eyes, this was bang on. I couldn’t believe how much she did not want to be outside and how she was scratching at our door to be let back in. Fine.

I put the leash on Yoshi, he was a bit apprehensive, but took it like a champ. We went out, he sniffed at the doors next to us, he looked down the hallway and trembled a bit and every second step he kept looking at me with these eyes, like, “Is it okay Mummy, will you save me if it goes wrong?”. I spoke to him softly and he seemed to feel better. Then we went back inside. He waited patiently for me to take the harness off and then purred so loudly as I scooped him up to congratulate him. Mommy’s stinky farty boy was a good boy today. I will have to reward him with some wet food later today. I was impressed.

Yes, I am turning into a crazy cat lady. If we had a bigger place, we’d probably have about four and a dog.



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Thali Plate

Yesterday @MathieuLLF and I made it a point to find a Thali plate. As we are both lovers of Indian cuisine we figured it was time we had a Thali plate. What is a Thali plate you ask? Well, they come in a few forms:

1. Circle plate with smaller circle compartments

2. Circle tray with moulded compartments

3. Square Thali

This is the one we found. It was heavier stainless steel than the others and looked quite durable. There are more I’m sure, but these seem to be the popular varieties.

I’m trying to eat more raw, so I didn’t actually make anything Indian, Mat did make a curry. It was a tad spicy for me, but he enjoyed it. We found our plates and spices at a store in Brampton called Om. They had everything you could think of in terms of Indian food. Very well stocked and clearly labeled items.

We went in like a search mission, got what we wanted and happily drove back home to try everything out. Now, the thing is, what am I going to make for each compartment. It’s almost like making five small meals. I’m going to have to get more into this style of cooking to see what I’m missing. I’m interested in making low fat, vegan, gluten free Indian food – I assume this is possible.

This is what I assembled.  Continue reading



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Holidays and New Year Resolution

Oh, the holidays are coming and we already put up our tree. I honestly love listening to Christmas music and dancing about the living room while decorating, or just dancing for the heck of it, why not? I don’t know if it’s that I’m getting older and somehow sentimental or I’m choosing to just be happy.

I find it funny when people make New Year resolutions, I never make one because I find a promise to myself at the beginning of the year pointless, you never keep it and mid year you might remember and then you tell yourself next year you’ll do it for sure.

I’m going to keep pushing to do things that make me happy and work in a way that pleases me emotionally. I think being vegan has taken on an entire lifestyle and it’s more than just knowing my food choices are saving some animals (I sure hope this is what it’s doing). I’ve replaced my leather products with recycled materials. I have a nifty wallet that I should blog about that @MathieuLLF bought me made out of seat belts.

Over all I’m looking forward to the new year, I think it will be a fresh start and that nothing but good things can happen.


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