Happy Halloween!

This year Mat and I decide to dress up as the two biggest dorks in support of our undying love of social media. Let me preface this by saying I cannot cut a straight line. Even if I did have a ruler, I still would have done the same.

Anyway, here’s Mat and I as living social media:
Lidia Le Francois, property of aireater.com
Lidia Le Francois, property of aireater.com

We had fun with it. Funny what you can do with crafts. What did you dress up as?



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6 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. LOL I love it! Happy Halloween :-) We’re not dressing up here…yeah we’re lame lol

  2. HA! Wow. Oh my.
    I didn’t dress up as anything. I’m lame.

    • aireater

      No, you’re just normal. We’re a bit on the geeky side. It only took me 30 mins, as you can see from the not so straight lines and $6 to do this!

  3. Love the costumes! I’m Gene Simmons this year, taking the kids I babysit out Trick or treating, haha. Halloween is the best!

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