Vegan Mofo: Nacho bento!

I made a different bento, nothing fancy and nothing cute, but a bento nonetheless.

Here’s what’s in it:

Box 1: Blur chip nachos, vegan nacho cheese Galaxy brand with organic corn

Box 2: Spiralized carrot with zucchini

Box 3: Rice noodles with cranberry sauce

Box 4: Broccoli and Tofutti

Easy and tasty. I need to stock up on some more edemame etc. I might make more!



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5 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Nacho bento!

  1. Yay for the return of bento-making! :) This is so colorful. I’ll have to try the cranberry sauce-rice noodle combo.

    • aireater

      Thanks! I didn’t really do anything that I considered ‘fun’, but it was practical for sure. During the fall season I like to hav cranberry sauce on hand, it really adds a lovely colour and it tastes great on most things.

  2. jun

    great colors! I love colorful bentos.
    for a moment, I thought that red dot on the noodles is a big chunk of umeboshi lol

    • aireater

      Thank you! Ha! I just am a sucker for home made cranberry sauce. Also I believe there is a colour combination that should be represented in bento boxes, I try to adhere to it.

  3. It’s so cute and colorful!

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