Vegan Mofo: Simply Delicious Fried Rice

I think I might have to give up on the Bento theme, I keep making things that don’t fit with it and I find I am often too hungry to be patient enough to make one. Sigh. Maybe I will surprise myself this weekend.

For now, I want to write about a simple, but incredibly delicious rice dish. Yes, fried rice is what people usually make with left over rice, but I specifically made this with fresh rice.

– 2 tbsp Earth Balance (Non soy) + 2 tbsp for other pan
– 2 cups cut up broccoli small pieces
– 1.5 cups of cut up carrot
– 1 cup of corn (can be frozen or BPA Free can)
– 2 cups of freshly made rice (your choice of type)
– 1 tbsp of garlic
– Salt and pepper to taste

Heat wok/pan at medium heat, place Earth Balance in the centre, spread around to coat the pan surface. Add vegetables and sauté for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, in another pan (sounds like a murder mystery doesn’t it?), add the other 2 tbsp of Earth Balance and do the same heating/spreading method; add the rice and begin to stir. Depending on your rice, it will be a bit sticky and using a spatula might be easy to break up the rice into smaller chunks. At the 3 minute mark the vegetable pan is probably ready to be added to the rice pan. However, if you are using frozen corn, wait until the corn is cooked further. At that point, add the vegetable pan to the rice pan and stir together. Cook for another 3 minutes and there you have it.

Sorry I didn’t take a picture in time and Mat ended up eating it all. I didn’t warn him in time. I’m sure I’ll make this again. It was too delicious not to.

Happy eating!



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6 Responses to Vegan Mofo: Simply Delicious Fried Rice

  1. Sounds good!
    Not having pictures, proves I need to make it. lol
    Thanks :-)

  2. You have been awarded the Liebster award! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  3. Meg

    I just made an altered version of this, using coconut oil and a little sesame oil (instead of vegan butter) and it was stellar. Thank you so much Lidia! I just blogged about it and mentioned you and your site in my post. You rock!!
    Meg @ The Snarky Chickpea

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