Vegan Yarn!

Winter is almost upon us and I can’t help but think of wonderful scarves, mittens and hats. I recently discovered there are vegan yarns! Yes, I am very late in the game on this, but better late than never.

I found a great article that explains a lot of what I didn’t know.

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Vegan handspun are generally one of the following:

-Yarn made from upcycled or recycled fibers cut in to strips- this can include yarn made from newspapers and tissue paper, or it might be long strips of fabric knotted together or spun in to yarn.

-Yarn made from vegan fibers- these are yarns made from spinning soy silks, cottons, hemp, and so on in to yarn. Unlike commercially available yarn, handspun vegan yarn can blend a variety of fibers together and/or be spun in to textures not possible on a machine. Many of these handspun yarns are also called “art yarn” or “handspun art yarn”. Just check to make sure the blend used for the handspun yarn doesn’t contain some non vegan items.

-Recycled yarn – from recycled clothing, usually recycled sweaters that have been unraveled, which may then have be hand painted.



How cool is this? I know on the Vegan Bloggers Unite blogroll I list a vegan knitter Nat from Montreal. Her stuff is adorable and I am so impressed with her skills.

Is this something other vegans who read my blog do?  Would love to hear from you guys!!


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